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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Review | Perfect Eyelashes Luxurious Strip Lashes

An Image of Perfect Eyelashes Natural Luxurious Strip Lashes

An Image of Perfect Eyelashes Natural Luxurious Strip Lashes

An Image of Perfect Eyelashes Natural Luxurious Strip Lashes

it's safe to say that i don't get on with eyelashes, purely because i do not have the knack and patience to apply them, and because they are usually too 'in your face' and look very OTT over my normal lashes, but when i was given the chance to try out the Perfect Eyelashes Luxurious Strip Lashes(*) and saw that they did a natural pair, i thought i would try them out and see how i got on.

now i'm going to start off by throwing out a huge negative to these lashes - they didn't come with glue, and weren't pre-glued, which i thought was pretty disappointing, especially as these retail at £19.99, so i did have to go out and buy myself some glue before i could try these out (and lucky old me ended up with one that was almost dried out!). now i know that's not breaking the bank, but glue is a pretty essential part to false eyelashes, is it not? but negative out of the way, there's some definite positives to these lashes.

i did have to cut mine down to size, but then i always have had to with any other lashes i've tried, so that was fine by me. my favourite thing is how thin the little strip is that the lashes are attached to. i don't wear eyeliner on the tops of my lids as i don't think it suits me, and other lashes i've tried in the past have always given me this look which is why i don't tend to wear them, but this thin little strip means that these sit really nicely on my lash line without making it look like i've piled on the liner. it also means that i could get the lashes to sit really closely to my natural lash line as they were much easier to work with and manipulate into place - they just make your lashes look a little fuller in general. i obviously can't comment on how long the lashes last as i was using a different brand of glue, so this would have nothing to do with the lashes themselves. and isn't the packaging just adorable? it's nice to have a little pick me up when you open the lid, and the box makes for the perfect storage to keep your reusable lashes safe in.

as for how they look, i really like that the lashes incorporate longer and shorter individual lashes to give a much more natural look, and also that they are shaped at the inner and outer corners to match the look of your natural lashes. they are also made of human hair, so they're super soft and fluttery to blend in with your lashes and don't have that synthetic, slightly plasticy look of some drugstore lashes. the lashes are also reusable, so i think i could probably get 4-5 uses out of these before they start to look a bit battered.  now apologies for iphone pictures here, but in the first picture below I have the lashes on my right eye (the left as you're looking at it) whilst the other eye is just my natural lashes, and in the second picture i have Benefit They're Real mascara on, just to give you an idea of the volume the lashes create. they give you equal intensity to using the Benefit mascara, and if you wear the lashes alone without any mascara you can see that they do add very natural looking length to your lashes.

Perfect Eyelashes Strip Lashes | Natural Lashes
Perfect Eyelashes Strip Lashes | Benefit They're Real Mascara
overall, i do think these are a little overpriced for lashes, especially with the no-glue situation, but they are a really good quality and actually match their 'natural' description, which i have found with some other lashes can still look very OTT! i'll invest in a decent lash glue, as i would definitely wear these to the right type of event. if you want to give the Luxurious Strip Lashes(*) a go then you can pick them up from their online store for £19.99, where the also come in Intense, Glam and Volume styles if you're after a slightly different look.

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