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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Fashion&Beauty Collab | Giles for Nivea

there's nothing a blogging girl loves more than a fashion and beauty collab, and the latest little offering of this type comes from Nivea and Giles Deacon. sure, LFW has now sadly passed, but to celebrate the occasion Giles Deacon teamed up with Nivea to create three limited edition illustrated Nivea Soft Pots(*) - the Catwalk, Backstage and Photoshoot pots... 

now this might just be me, but ever since i was a little girl i remember there always, always, always being a pot of Nivea in the house and have grown up with it, so it's nice to now have a little supply to keep me going and the fact that it's in such fashionable little pots is just an added bonus.

after just getting back from a couple of holidays in the sun, i'm suffering from slightly drier and more dehydrated skin than usual from all the sun exposure, so i've been using this to keep my skin moisturised to get it back into tip top condition. 

to read more about the collaboration then head on over to the Nivea site by clicking here!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Haul Post | Pre Autumn-Winter

hi guys! 

i thought i'd just pop a quick haul up today of a few pre-AW bits i've picked up over the last few weeks. i say 'pre-AW' because my birthday is next week and i plan on doing a proper AW shop then and also a 21st haul, so they will be up in the next few weeks. 
i did plan on filming all my hauls now i've started up a youtube channel, but i move back to uni this weekend so my room is currently no fit space for filming and i don't have the time to sit and edit it right now, so i've reverted back to the good ol' picture post today - enjoy!


my wardrobe is unintentionally very monochrome, especially with these two purchases. the first is this ASOS Smock Dress which i picked up the other week whilst there was 20% off. i'm not sure about this yet - it's very oversized (this is a size 4 and would almost go round me twice!), but i really want to try and make it work so i think i'll take it up a little and have a fiddle with the sleeves so it suits me a little better. i love the tartan trend and the smock dress style, so i thought i'd start out safe with this before i dive in a little more and go full colour tartan! i also picked up this Miss Selfridge 'Coatigan' as i actually don't own a grey cardigan and wanted one for the colder weather. it is quite thin for a 'coatigan' style, but i really like the faux leather sleeves and know this will be a staple for this season.

i spent the summer in camis, and am not prepared to give them up just because the sun has gone! i picked up this New Look Cami in a dark teal colour to just throw on with jeans and a chunky knit this winter, and the colour is so on trend. i'm definitely going to pick up the burgundy version of this when i'm next in store and also hunt down either a tartan scarf to go with them both, or some tartan trouser in similar colours to bring them into the winter trends. 

also from New Look, i picked up these Chunky Platforms which i fell in love with the second i saw them. i tried to convince my mum to buy me them for my birthday but she wasn't having any of it, so i caved and bought them for myself as i couldn't just leave them there! i'm planning on wearing them with my birthday dress (which you can see here) with a leather jacket to vamp it up a little more and give it some edge! i also picked up the necklace below from Store Twenty-One - i bought the gold version a little while back and get so much wear out of it that i went back and nabbed myself a silver one too for just £4.

finally on to hair and beauty bits. i'm almost out of dry shampoo and this VO5 one was on offer in superdrug for just over £1, so i thought i'd give something other than batiste a try for a change especially with the promise of 'plumping'. i'm also almost out of mascara and picked this one up after my friend recommended it to me and it's the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara which i am liking so far - it has a teeny, tiny wand which is great for precise application but you need to work fast with it if you want to build up volume. my friend, Mollie, also recommended i try out the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24H in On and On Bronze which is the perfect nude eye base, and i will definitely be adding more of these to my collection. i picked up the new release from 17 which is their Phwoarr Paint heavy duty under eye concealer. i'm not sold on this to be honest, and it is definitely not heavy-duty in comparison to other concealers which claim to be the same. i'll carry on trying it out and will report back with how i get on! i also picked up this Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Dark Green to go with the New Look cami. the final think i've bought recently is the Tresemme Volume Hair Tong - i do have naturally curly hair but it's very unruly and quite tight curls, so i wanted something cheap to try and tame them into looser, neater curls so i thought i'd give this a whirl for now. i do sort of wish i'd picked up a wand rather than a tong, but these were only £14.99 so i'll probably end up with both - if anyone can recommend me an affordable wand, then please let me know! 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Update Post | Gran Canaria

hello! i'm finally back after a beautiful week away in Gran Canaria with the boy. i thought i'd pop a few pictures up so you can see why i've been a bit absent the last couple of weeks (the views were just too beautiful to tear myself away from to blog!). it was so nice to spend a whole week together and really wind down before the madness of moving my life to another city again. the hotel we stayed in was absolutely stunning and i can honestly say it was probably one of the best and happiest weeks i've ever had and could have stayed there so much longer than we did.
 i filled my absence with three guest posts which i hope you all enjoyed - they were all about the autumn/winter that has slowly but surely crept up on us, so make sure you head back and check them out. 
i'm going to be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks as it's pretty hectic for me - i move back to university next weekend, and it's then my 21st that week so i'll be busy celebrating with friends and family so i just wanted to take this opportunity to say that i won't be promising lots of regular posts, but will try my utmost best to try and post at least once a week!
i hope you can all understand that right now the blog can't be my priority, but i really do appreciate you all sticking around!

Friday, 20 September 2013

The Guest Post | Bargain Nail Polish

today it's a guest post from the lovely Katie at Curled Fantasies.
She's sharing her favourite budget buy at the moment, and it's something i've been trying to get my hands on for a while, but always seems to be out of stock when i pop into store! i'll pop all her links at the end of the post as usual, and please pop over to her blog and check her out. 

Hi everyone! I’m Katie and I blog over at Curled Fantasies!

Today I wanted to introduce you to my current favourite budget buy from Superdrug! I’m sure you’ve all heard of MUA by now – with such low prices and a One Direction range how could you not have? I love doing my nails, so today I’m going to share my favourite MUA polishes with you!

L-R: Pistachio Ice Cream, Amaretto Crush, Koala Bear, Deepest Purple
I love these little bottles! They are obviously based on the Essie bottle design, but much smaller! They do look like they would cost more than they do - £1 a bottle is a total steal in my eyes!

Today I’m showcasing 4 shades. I decided to pick two shades to reflect the end of the summer, and two to reflect the start of autumn.

L-R: Pistachio Ice Cream, Amaretto Crush, Koala Bear, Deepest Purple
As you can probably tell, Pistachio Ice Cream and Amaretto Crush are the summer toned polishes I’ve picked. Pastel and bright they completely encapsulate how I’ve worn my nails for a majority of this summer! I will continue to use them every now and then, but we are moving into the more muted tones of autumn! Koala Bear and Deepest Purple will begin to grace my nails more as the weather changes and the days darken earlier!

The swatches above were 2 coats of each polish, and as you can see they all give brilliant coverage! They have a great amount of shine without a topcoat so when I use my trusty Barry M Topcoat these polishes become super shiny! They dry fairly quickly, and don’t produce any of those annoying little bubbles, which is a massive plus for me! The brush is a great size and the polish the perfect consistency.

It’s safe to say I love these polishes! And for only £1 each I’m almost positive I’ll keep repurchasing them as I run out of them – they are only small bottles after all! MUA cosmetics are available in most Superdrug stores so if you haven’t checked them out yet then get out from under your rock and get down there! They really are great products!

Big thanks to Sophie for letting me take over her blog for the day! If you’d like to see more beauty and fashion posts from me head over to Curled Fantasies and check me out!


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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Guest Post | Some Autumn Essentials

autumn has well and truly kicked in now, and today Charlotte from CLX is sharing her Autumn essentials!

as you all know, the autumn/winter weather is fast approaching. so, i thought i'd base my guest post around some essentials for the upcoming colder months!

River Island Scarf | H&M Mittens | Dr Martens | Topshop Jacket | Carmex Lip Balm | The Body Shop Moisturiser
so in no way am i saying you should go and spend copious amounts on all of these, they're ideas to help you all. 

it's stating the obvious to say you need a warm coat, gloves and a scarf but, i thought i'd throw it in anyway. this Topshop jacket may be £325 (and absolutely beautiful) but, you definitely don't need to spend that amount to get something that does the job. H&M, River Island and Zara, all have a really great range of winter jackets, so there's plenty for you all to choose from!
Dr Martens have always been a winter essential (and favourite) of mine. when everyone else is falling on their bottom, i'm stood firm in my Dr Martens, not slipping anywhere. they're so good in this weather, especially with their trusty chunky airwair sole! they're really warm, and look great with some thick socks! i know the price tag can be a little on the steep side but they really are amazing...

autumn/winter can be harsh on our skin, especially the face. both The Body Shop Moisturiser and Carmex, are perfect for rehydrating your skin (and lips) after the harsh winds and cold weather have appeared! i've always loved Body Shop products, despite the price tag. they're definitely worth the money. have any of you used this moisturiser? 

although i haven't featured shampoos or conditioners within this post, i really think a good set of hair products is essential in the colder weather. dry hair is always one of the first things i notice but using a good shampoo & conditioner combo can really help avoid those dreaded split ends! hair masks are always a great way of keeping your hair healthy too, they're so inexpensive and work a treat!

do you have any essentials for the cooler weather? feel free to leave a comment below!

Charlotte xo

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The Guest Post | Caring For Your Skin In The Colder Months

happy Sunday, girls! by the time you're reading this, i'll be sunning myself in Gran Canaria (sorry!), so have lined up some guest posts for you whilst i'm away for the week. Becky from The Wonders of Wardrobes is kicking it off today with her top products for caring for your sin in the colder months, something i'm dreading coming back to next week! please go and check out her blog, follow and do all the lovely little things i know you will do - enjoy!

Hey guys! I’m Becky from The Wonders of Wardrobes and I’m doing a guest post for Sophie on her blog.

If you haven’t already noticed – it’s cold. I went out today in a massive jumper and my winter coat and was still a little bit chilly. It’s only September! So I decided to do a post on how to look after your skin in the colder months. The cold can really wreak havoc upon your skin and make it a lot dryer than normal. Here are my top products to keep your skin in tip top shape!

Lips and Face 

This Nivea lip butter is really good at keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day. As it’s a butter, it’s super thick and also I think it smells like sweets, which is always a bonus. For my face, I chose the Lush moisturiser ‘Celestial’ which is meant to ‘stop the loss of moisture’ from your skin. I definitely do think this keeps your skin feeling really hydrated throughout the day.


This has been an all time favourite of mine for a very long time. I think this was one of the very first products from Soap and Glory that I ever used and I’m glad it was! The Righteous Butter is designed for very dry skin which is definitely what we all need for these chilly times ahead.


I remember seeing this hair mask in one of Fleur’s videos (I can’t remember which one, bad blogger sorry!)  and from her review, I just had to try it. It is self proclaimed as a ‘nourishing intense mask’ that ‘respects hair fibre’ and my goodness, it has become my all time favourite hair product. Not only does it leave my hair feeling silky smooth and soft, it smells great and it’s sulphate free!

I hope I’ve been of some use for you all and if in doubt, just crack out the winter PJ’s!

Becky x

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The Wishlist | 21st Birthday Edition

one | two | three | four | five | six

so my 21st has slowly but surely crept up on me, so i thought i would put together a quick wishlist before the next few hectic weeks i have coming up! after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing, i've given in and asked for a Polaroid iS2132 to update my little old digital camera - i want something a bit more technical and professional, but not too pricey as it will mainly be used for blogging, which won't be my main priority through final year. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light is the most beautiful champagney highlighter and i'm desperate to get my hands on it! i've also fallen in love with all of the gorgeous Midi Rings on Etsy so have picked out a few of those. of course there's the typical money present, because i'll be a bit strapped for cash once i'm back at uni, so this will help me update my winter wardrobe. this gorgeous Dixi Necklace would make the perfect staple winter necklace and go with pretty much everything, and i've had my eye on this Oasap Shirt Dress for a little while and am desperate to layer it up with tights and knits now the weather is colder. and who can resist the print of this Missguided dress?!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Update | A Little Sort of Break

morning everyone!

just a quick little update and explanation today. it's going to be really quiet on the blog over the next 2-3 weeks because right now blogging can't be my priority. where i've interned and worked for almost all of my summer break, i've now ended up with about a week and a half to do all my prep and summer work for the final year of my degree so that's at the top of my list of things to do right now for this week. i'm away on holiday next week and then that leaves me a week to pack up everything and move back to Leicester, so i hope you can understand that i need a bit of a break from this at the minute to sort my life back out, haha! 
once i'm back at uni things will swing back into action (mainly because it will help me to kill the time and distract me from being there!), i just need to be doing other things at the minute so can't concentrate on writing my blog. i need to get together some more post ideas, so i promise that as soon as October comes around and my 21st has passed and i'm all settled back in Leicester, things will be back to normal. 

i'm not saying there won't be posts popping up - i have a 21st wishlist to go up at the end of this week and have a couple of guest posts lined up for whilst i'm on holiday (if you'd be interested in this, then please let me know, i'm still after a couple more!), and in the meantime if you haven't seen it yet, i took the plunge and filmed my Barcelona haul which i'll pop down below!

i hope you can all understand where i'm coming from, but for us little old bloggers, sometimes life does come first and our blogs can't be our main priority! 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Video | Barcelona Haul

hello everyone! 
i'm back from barcelona, and have taken a little bit of a plunge today and filmed a haul of everything i picked up while i was there. i don't know if i'll carry on with youtube videos as this has taken more time and hassle than i've ever anticipated - i know it's not great quality or the best video ever (i only have a bog standard digital camera), but i guess i have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl!

i had a lovely time whilst i was away, but it absolutely flew past and i didn't want to come home at all! i'll pop a few instagram photos down below so you can see some of what i got up to, but most of the time was spent shopping! it was so nice to spend a few days away with my mum before the hype of uni kicks back in in a few weeks, and i just want to say a huge thankyou to her for taking me out there as an early 21st present! 

day one | first sephora purchase! | day two | good morning, barcelona! | cutest puppy in the pet shop | first ever macaroon experience (raspberry and coconut!) | champagne for breakfast | beach day | cocktails at lunch on the last day

and now for the scary bit, the video! it's not got fancy editing, it's not HD, it's not really anything special, but here it is! please let me know what you think. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Update Post | August

so today brings the end of august, and i've actually had a super busy month. i've worked non-stop at by usual job and then the last two weeks have been taken up with going back to intern at Chalk PR after i was asked back to help out before fashion week and i'm now really sad to have left again. i've had the best time this summer working there and wish i could stay in the big working world instead of heading back to uni. i've spent literally every weekend with friends this month and we had the first 21st celebration of the bunch - i am 100% not prepared to leave everyone in a months time for uni! in the couple of spare afternoons i've had, i've squeezed in a Westfield trip with my best friend Mollie, and dinner with Ellie ( and Courtney for Ellie's birthday and a catch up. myself and Ellie, fangirls that we are, were also lucky enough to go to an advance screening of the One Direction movie and we honestly had the best night lusting over Harry Styles gossiping and just having a damn good time!
i'm off to Barcelona with mumma bear on Monday for my 21st which is slowly but surely creeping up on me, and i absolutely cannot wait to get away and have a break! next month is full of holidaying for me, so next months update will be a little more exciting than we're used to!

and with that, resolution time!

1. Try some Soap & Glory products
2. Try some Lush products
3. Do 20 sit ups every morning and every night
is it too late to start after eight months?

4. ALWAYS walk to work. unless it's raining.
i've had a two mile walk to the station and back while i was back up in London which i'm going to class as walking to work... 

5. Eat more healthily
i did okay for a little bit - i have some good days and some bad days. i've discovered the 'MyFitnessPal' app which tracks what you eat which really helps me cut down on junk.

6. Try and save £1000 in my savings for car/internship DONE!

7. Don't attempt a spending ban
of course i haven't!

8. Book a holiday DONE!

9. Purchase a brush cleaner for  make-up brushes

10. Jar project
i've put a whole load of things in this month and even stuff that happened a while ago but never got round to adding. 

11. Watch as many films as possible off my list of 'Films I Should Have Seen But Haven't'
finally time to tick off the one direction movie! i also saw Grown Ups 2 this month which wasn't on the list! i really planned on whizzing through this list over summer but i have been way busier than i ever anticipated!
1. 500 Days of Summer
2. New Year's Eve
3. The Time Travellers Wife
4. Bambi
5. The Lucky One
6. Keith Lemon: The Movie
7. American Beauty 
8. 127 Hours
9. Dirty Dancing
10. Friends With Benefits
11. Knocked Up
12. Alot Like Love
13. Taken
14. 13 Going On 30
15. About a Boy
16. Fame
17. Green Mile
18. Mamma Mia
19. Music & Lyrics
20. Sex and the City 2
21. Slumdog Millionaire
22. The Kings Speech
23. Snow White & The Hunstman
24. Tangled
25. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
26. Ice Age 2
27. Ice Age 3
28. Ice Age 4
29. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
30. 21 Jump Street
31. What to Expect when You're Expecting
32. Fight Club
33. Grown Ups
34. Saving Private Ryan
35. Romeo & Juliet
36. Batman Begins
37. The Dark Knight
38. The Dark Knight Rises
39. Inception - i've actually already seen it but was so confused!
40. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl
41. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest
42. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End
43. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
44. I am Legend
45. James Bond Quantum of Solace
46. The Butterfly Effect
47. Breakfast at Tiffany's
48. LOL
49. Atonement
50. The Devil Wears Prada
51. Pride & Prejudice
52. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
53. Clueless
54. When Harry Met Sally
55. Serendipity
56. Back to the Future
57. Wild Child
58. A Walk to Remember
59. Oceans 11
60. Oceans 12
61. Oceans 13
62. Forrest Gump
63. Hitch
64. The Pursuit of Happiness
65. What Happens in Vegas
66. The Blind Side
67. The Bucket List
68. Easy A
69. Over Her Dead Body
70. White Chicks
71. 50 First Dates
72. The 5 Year Engagement
73. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
74. Me & Orson Welles
75. Savages
76. Breaking Dawn Part 2
77. So Undercover
78. Aladdin
79. The Little Mermaid
 80. Confessions of a Shopaholic
81. Love & Other Drugs
82. Limitless
83. The Parent Trap
84. Chicken Run
85. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
86. Crazy Beautiful
87. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
88. Chalet Girl
89. Lost In Translation
90. Phonebooth
91. Collateral
92. Big
93. Crash
94. Crazy Stupid Love
95. War Horse
96. Step Brothers
97. Brothers
98. Shawshank Redemption
99. Seven Pounds
100. The Roommate
101. Eat. Pray. Love
102. Bad Teacher
103. P.S. I Love You
104. Definitely Maybe
105. Little Miss Sunshine
106. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
107. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
108. Skyfall
109. Iron Man 3
110. Hangover III
111. One Direction 3D Movie 
112. Pitch Perfect
113. Spring Breakers
114. Movie 43
115. Les Miserables

next month will be full of holidays (which i can't wait for!) and heading back to uni (which i definitely can wait for!), so see you then! 

The Edit | Lip Collection

as a little bit of a filler whilst i'm on my holi-bobs, i thought i'd share my lip product collection with you all. i don't want anyone to take this as a form of bragging/showing off, i just really enjoy these sorts of posts, so thought i'd throw my own into the mix. my collection is stashed in this gorgeous mini Cath Collins bag that my housemate got me for Christmas, but it's slowly but surely starting to overspill... i've tried to split them into colour groups as best as i can and i in no way whatsoever use all of these! i'm a hoarder of lip products and just can't seem to bring myself to throw things away even when they're completely not the colour for me. i'm shocked that the majority of my collection is made up of pinks when i very rarely wear that colour at all. i'll try and give a quick little review along the way whether positive or negative! if you make it all the way to the end of this picture heavy post, well done, i'll see you on the other side...

Benefit Hoola Lipgloss | i won this about a year ago now, and this is probably the only gloss i regularly wear for a quick slick of colour. 
E.L.F Lipstick in Nostalgic | i'll be honest, this has only ever been swatched, it's too nude for me!
Famous by Sue Moxley Lip Addict in Raw | again, only ever swatched. this is very chalky on the lips and washes me out! 
MAC Cremesheen in Peach Blossom | this is easily the most used (and loved!) lipstick i own as it was my first (and only) MAC purchase. i also love the smell just as much as the colour, anyone else with me?

Primark Chubby Stix Dupe | this was a bargain buy for £1 and is a great dupe for any other chubby stick-esque products out there. super glossy, but still very pigmented!
L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash in 200 Princess | this is a really gorgeous gloss that i would say just verges on the lipstick/gloss mix. another really pigmented product for a gloss.
Louise Gray for Topshop in Mexican Wave | these photos do no justice for how bright this is - almost neon! i was bought it as a present and was really dubious to wear it, but i've been complimented every time i've worn it, so its stayed!
Revlon Lip Butter in 027 Juicy Papaya | this has been my go-to lip product this summer for when i've wanted a hint of colour, but nothing too heavy. i will definitely be picking up more lip butters from Revlon in the future. my only criticism is that i wish you got more for your money!

Revlon 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Nothing but Nude | hold your ears girls, this product is awful. they dried out so quickly, aren't pigmented and the balm breaks off. disappointed just about covers it. 
Barry M Lipgloss in 11 | this was one of the very first things i reviewed on the blog, so will hold on to it until its deathbed! really soft and slicks on like a dream! 
Collection Lock n Hold Gloss in Break Dance | a little more sticky, but also more pigmented version of the Barry M gloss. 
Collection Cream Puff in Fair Cake | these are one of the first lipsticks in a gloss form that i picked up. a really matte gloss that smells gorgeous!
MUA Lipstick in Nectar | i picked this up on a whim, but it isn't quite colourful enough for my liking. 
Famous by Sue Moxley Lip Addict in Pillow Talk | another one that's only been swatched as it's not very moisturising on the lips. 

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Perpetual Plum | just as rubbish as the previous one...
NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain in Champagne Stain | this didn't dry out quite so much as the Rimmel version, but still not great!
Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial | this shade is really not for me and i wish i'd picked up something like Big Bang instead, but i do really like the consistency of the Apocalips. i just wish they had a little more staying power. 
W7 Mega Matte Lips (unknown shade) | this is really old and at the bottom of my bag, but is another matte gloss, like the Collection Cream Puffs. 
Benefit Lipstick in My Treat | i was colour matched to this in Benefit, and even though i wasn't sure on it I bought it anyway as it was on offer for just £3 as it was being discontinued. it's a bit too glossy in consistency for me as a lipstick, but i'm determined to try and get on with it a little more. 
Barry M Lip Paint in 153 | this is one of the first lipsticks i remember buying and i wore it loads at the time i bought it. Barry M Lip Paints make up the biggest part of my collection. 

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Endless Blossom | do i need to say anything more?
Models Own Lipgloss in Madame Rose | this was a freebie from somewhere, and it's never been used! 
Barry M Lipgloss in 12 | i reviewed this with the other Barry M gloss, so it has a special little place in my collection.
Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in Charisma | i was given this at work, and it remind me of a slightly lighter version of the Apocalips above. i would definitely consider picking this up in a colour which suits me more! 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Colour in 101 | again, really not the colour for me, so not sure what possessed me to pick it up! 
Essence Lipstick in 01 Frosted | i was given this when me and Courtney won tickets to go and see Justin Bieber and it's actually a really nice sheer shimmer for a no make-up look day!

Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour in Hibiscus | this is a gorgeous deep pinky red, and is great for when you want a slightly girlier red. 
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want | i cannot rave about this lipstick enough. yes, i'm a one direction fan, and yes i bought into this weird little make-up range they bought out. but the two lipsticks i own from this collection are the best lipsticks i own. i wore this to work the other day and applied it at 7am, and it was still on my lips when i got home at 7.30pm, no word of a lie, with absolutely none of the colour having gone after eating three meals and my lips still feeling moisturised. for just £3 i cannot recommend you pick one of these up enough. 
Barry M Lip Paint in 151 | this is a beautiful orange toned matte red, and is more or less identical to the one direction lipstick, just minus the shimmer. still has pretty good staying power too! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 161 | this is a slightly lighter version of 151 but with a hint of shimmer and a little lighter on the lips. 

MUA Lip Boom in Bring It | this is the perfect red for going from summer through to autumn as it's slightly deeper than your typical bright red. this is n;t particularly moisturising, but a quick layer of carmex underneath does the trick.
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in Be Mine | i love this just as much as the one i mentioned above and will definitely be my go to winter shade for a burst of colour. this still has a very slight shimmer, too! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 160 | i wore this colour so much last winter, and can't wait for its time to come around again! this is another one that's a little drying, but like i said, carmex is the trick. 
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Good To Be Bad | i was given this at work a couple of weeks and this looks terrifying in the tube and i never thought it would work for me. but when it's on, it'a gorgeous deep plum colour which will be perfect for the winter and christmas time. plus it's MAC, so i'm determined to work with it! 

and there we go, if you made it to the end then thankyou so much, you were definitely in it for the long haul! next time i post, i shall be back from barcelona and will indefinitely have a new haul post for you!