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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Little White Tank - OOTD

this is just a really quick filler post while i start to build up some review posts, so sorry for the poor quality - this was thrown together before a lecture this morning. 
the vest is H&M - it should be tied at the side, but i much prefer just wearing it baggy. the disco pants are also H&M, but from the kids section and were just £5.99! socks are topshop, bracelet (which you can barely see... sorry) is Pandora, and the arm bangle is from a little boutique back home! 
i teamed it up with some white converse plimsols, and a grey H&M hoodie and snood. 

alsooo.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! i'm not doing anything for it this year, i feel far too old now i'm 20, but what's everyone else up to? and what are you dressing up as?!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review // Benefit Dandelion

'This sheer ballerina pink finishing powder with a subtle shimmer takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant! To perk up throughout the day, dust on cheeks or all over face. Soft, natural-bristle blush brush included.'

When I was younger, I always remember being jealous of friends who had this in their make-up bags, but now I've hit the ripe old age of 20 (almost), I can't say that it excited me as much. 
I'm sure I remember this having a much more pinky hue to it, but this was a few years back now so there is a chance that Benefit have changed the product since. 
Unfortunately for me, once I've put my face powder on, this barely shows on my skin and just makes me look like i've put far too much powder on my face - not a nice look!

What's everyone else favourites of the little Benefit boxes?


Monday, 29 October 2012

so i just met olly murs....

just got home from the olly murs book signing in bluewater and i'm still on an absolute high! if anyone has ever had the chance to meet him, you'll know how much i mean it when i say he is genuinely one of the kindest, down to earth people i have ever met. he was in no rush to get through all the people and had a nice little chat and gave everyone a kiss aswell. i gave him a little note (which is stapled to a bag of maoms just so he doesn't throw them away!) with Rosie's ( twitter name on to see if he'll give her a cheeky follow as she let me gatecrash the xtra factor skype call last week and we had a nice little chat about the skype call in general. he said i should have told him i was on it... not sure how he expected me to tell him... but anyway he said thanks for skyping blah blah blah and we had a couple of pictures. there is one just below this of him kissing me on the cheek which we had to pose for for ages while the woman worked out we wanted a picture like that... so there are murs germs on my cheek. 

so here are some of the pictures... 
p.s. i don't think i'll shutup about this for a long time.....

i love that he dots his i's with hearts!!!
queuing times with mumma wood....

still queuing....

possible my favourite picture?! i think it's hilarious.

numero uno

and againnnn


instagrammed kissessss

more kissessss.

i love kissesssss

outfit wise, my jumper is H&M and the disco pants are from the kids section in H&M. Necklace was Miss Selfridge sale stock... and I think that's all you can see! 

I've also just made a Facebook page for my blog which you can find here...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

SANTA! please stop here? sophielouisew_'s christmas list!

yes... i've already done my christmas list. and started christmas shopping. for me, as soon as my birthday's over and done with at the beginning of october, it's officially christmas. and when november hits on thursday, christmas songs WILL be added to my itunes and be acceptable to play.
today i thought i'd share with you what i've asked for this year...

oo1 - gift vouchers!
these are actually my favourite type of present because i get to go shopping without it costing me anything, and what girl doesn't love free shopping?! this year i've asked for topshop (because i'm forever lusting over it, but can't afford it), miss selfridge (currently obsessed with their jewellery), H&M (so affordable!), MAC (again, i'm too poor...) and Boots (because I want so much make-up!)

oo2 - Models Own Nail Polish in Indian Ocean and Pink Fizz
i can't get over how pretty Indian Ocean is after seeing a NOTD on twitter, and i've been deliberating over whether to get a pink glitter polish for a while now, but since getting one of the MUA nail constellations with a pink bead in, i really want something shimmery to match it up with.

oo3 - Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in 158
i've become obsessed with lipstick lately after never being much of a fan of it. i bought the deepest red shade in this particular lipstick the other week and it's instantly become a staple in my make-up bag, so i'm keen to snap up some more shades. 

oo4 - L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Plum Passion
i first came across this on Corrie's blog ( after she saw Cheryl Cole wearing it when she performed on tv recently and i've fallen in love with the colour. it has a slightly more purpley hue to it than the Barry M shade i recently purchased which makes it feel a little more feminine and girly. 

oo5 - Balmi SPF15 Lip Balms in Raspberry and Coconut
in the winter, lipbalm is my go-to product and anyone who knows me will know that raspberry and coconut are my 2 favourite scents in the world, so these were a definite wish from Santa! 

oo6 - Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener in Coconut Bay
one of my best friends Mollie had this in her car the other day and i just new i had to have it! it smells so gorgeous and has such a strong scent aswell! 

oo7 - River Island Rose Gold Watch OR ASOS Tortoiseshell Watch
i am forever wishing i had a watch at work to keep track of time and have  been lusting over the Michael Kors collection for what feels like forever, so these are great cheap alternatives! 

oo8 - Real Techniques Stippling Brush
seen so many reviews on this and just want to try it out for myself!

i've also asked for a new sewing machine for my uni course, but that's not all that interesting!
what's everybody else hoping for for Christmas?!


biggest apology ever!!!

so i know no-one probably cares (or even noticed) that i haven't really been blogging at all for the last month or so in the midst of moving back to uni and getting back into a routine, but today I promise that I'll start posting again, especially as i've accumulated so many bits and pieces to review. 
alsooooo.... MY FOLLOWERS GADGET HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO WORK! i had so many messages/comments from people saying that they couldn't work out how to follow me because my GFC refused to work, but it's finally sorted itself out. if you want to follow the blog, the GFC gadget is over there on the right somewhere >>>>.
i have thursday off of uni for the next couple of weeks at least so i'll be putting a few hours aside each week to prepare some posts. i've got tonnes to review including...
- MAC lipstick
- Kate Moss Matte lipstick
- Models Own Nail Polish
- MUA Nail Constellations
- MUA Pro Brow Kit
and honestly so many other bits that i've forgotten what half of them are off the top of my head! i'll also start putting together some OOTD's... so yes. this is my promise to be a better blogger again! 

here's a few instagram's of what i've got up to over the last few weeks since my 20th birthday (which i mentioned in my last couple of posts). one of my best friends from home popped up to uni for a fleeting visit the week after my birthday and it was so good to see her! i've been set so many projects at uni in just three weeks that this has literally been taking up all my time, but i went to a student lock-in event with my housemates one evening, made a cheeky appearance as a skype caller on the xtra factor last weekend (in which olly and caroline saw me eating turkey dinosaurs in rehearsal), booked in to have my first tattoo this Thursday and bagged myself a wristband to go and meet Olly Murs tomorrow! 

animal themed dinner... // late birthday present from Rosie ( // my writing just gets worse as the lecture goes on...

Barry M Gelly Paint and MUA Nail Constellation NOTD // Finally got these from MUA // Miss Selfridge sale bargain.

Making cakes at uni // off to the student lock-in event // stickers from work hurt :(

Lock-in purchases // and againnn.. // finally have a road outside the house!

cutest present from LB // NOTD // sketchbook times

even more sketchbooking and the tattoo i'm getting!

happy perfume purchases // new favourite drink // xtra factor skype callers with Rosie!

being a fatty // colouring... // all the goodies from Mumma Wood to take back to uni. 

meeting olly murs tomorrow! // first models own purchase // this years christmas list!


Monday, 8 October 2012

weekly update with instagram photos #3

this week i promise i'll get back round to getting some OOTD's and beauty reviews up again, i know i've been awful lately, but last week was my first week back at uni plus it was my 20th birthday on the Wednesday (i did a quick post about some of the goodies i got a bit further down). i ventured back to essex on the wednesday and begrudgingly trekked back to leicester last night but i had the best time at home celebrating various 20th birthdays.

oo1 - plans for a monday night! // oo2 - new piercing (birthday treat to myself!) // oo3 - woke up to my housemates putting this on my car // oo4 - officially birthday time! // oo5 - got on the wrong side of the iron :( // oo6 - little olly with his shaved leg // oo7 - lush day spending birthday pennies // oo8 - work experience desperation // oo9 - sleepy olly // o10 - dad came home with this for me... // o11 - killer burn // o12 - absolute worst start to this morning // o13 - latest barry m additions // o14 - best pressie from mol // o15 - first MAC lipstick has just arrived!


Friday, 5 October 2012

birthday goodies!

so i think it's time to get back into the swing of blogging again! if anybody read my latest update post, you will know it was my 20th birthday on Wednesday so i thought i'd share a few of the goodies i've bought with birthday money and some of my presents too. as for my birthday itself, it was pretty naff as far as birthdays go! i drove home from uni in a pretty horrendous mood but the evening definitely made up for it! 

present wise, i got some one direction tickets (yes, for my 20th!), various essentials that mum knows i'll forget to buy at uni when i run out of them, some Topshop goodies and money aswell as other little bits and pieces, but these two have got to be my favourites!

Converse from Mum and Dad!! 

Envelope clutch I've been lusting over for ages! 

i've also bought some lovely things with the money i got aswell! lots of these i'll mention and review properly in future OOTD's and beauty review posts. 

i've taken the plunge and ordered my first MAC lipstick and I can't wait for it to arrive! i went for peach blossom, which is actually out of stock on the MAC website, but I ordered through Debenhams for just £14! 

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints and Croc Effect (free with any other 2  Barry M products)

Barry M Lip Paint in 160 (full review to come, as with nail paints)

Socks // £2 // Primark - knee high versions of the Topshop ankle socks!

pyjamas // £6 // primark
knickers // £3.60 // topshop
jumper // £12.99 // h&m
dress // £14.99 // h&m

top // £9.99 //

skirt // £6 // primark

so yesss, lots of goodies all for just over £70! if anyone has anymore questions about anything i've blogged about, feel free to ask and keep an eye out for full reviews on the beauty products and the clothes cropping up in OOTD's!