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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Guest Post - King of the Jungle

okay, a third post, i know i'm spoiling you! 
recently, the lovely Charlotte got in contact with me asking if she could guest post over on the blog, so of course i jumped at the chance. 
'Charlotte Rivington is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about fashion and sharing her experiences as she travels through the depths of the world, exposing her adventures whilst in search for her clothing. Visit for more information on latest styles of Shoreditch Fashion'
her post fits in lovely with the LFW coverage i have been blogging lately, so i hope you all enjoy her post!

'You didn’t need to scrutinise the outfits of the fashion front row at Paris Fashion Week 2012 for a Kenzo garment; with its thickset, block lettering,   the Kenzo logo proudly emblazoned hats and sweaters with a total disregard for subtlety. There is a reason the Kenzo logo takes pride in conspicuousness: Kenzo is the label that everyone wants to be seen in right now.

Kenzo street style. Image via EcstasyModels Pinterest.

            Japanese-born Kenzo Takada first launched his eponymous label in 1970, presenting his first show at the Vivienne Gallery, Paris. This venue equally served as the site of Kenzo’s debut store, ‘Jungle Jap’, a name that connotes the exoticism, worldliness and travel that are an inherent part of the label. Kenzo was not diffident in front of colour and print. As an impecunious fledgling designer, Kenzo could only afford to buy fabrics from flea markets, making the material go further by creating a single garment out of heterogeneity of vibrant cloth. And this vibrant mood, accompanied by a sonorous jungle call, is carried through to the label today.

Kenzo Takada. Image via

            Kenzo retired in 1999 and since his successor, Antonio Marras, left the label in 2008, the ethnic-inspired looks and energetic style have been put back on the radar by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, founders of New York-based Opening Ceremony. While Leon and Lim are reverent to the traditions of the Kenzo house, they have created collections that are replete with fun and cheekiness. Leon told Vogue UK that ‘Kenzo, as a brand, has such a rich and fascinating history, it can be hard to determine what exactly we have changed. With our new collections, we hope that we have injected the brand with a youthful spirit and a sense of fun and cheekiness. But we also want to respect and preserve the traditions of the Kenzo house, such as the importance of prints and the sense of worldliness and travel that has been intrinsic to every collection in the history of Kenzo.’ The tiger is Kenzo’s new jungle beast, presiding over the front of sweaters, open-mouthed and roaring forth the Kenzo logo. An ubiquitous presence, the tiger prowls around the Kenzo design studio to make cult pieces.

The Kenzo Tiger. Image via

            The latest Spring/Summer collection from Leo and Lim features silhouettes shaped by chunky utility belts and safari suits, dresses and bustier tops that are brought to life by exotic prints and leopard spots in riotous orange and green and yellow and blue. The makeup of the models on the Kenzo runway intensified the jungle rave feeling. Every electrifying shade from MAC Cosmetics Chromaline paint range lined the eyes. Testimony to the infectious jungle beat of Kenzo, Harvey Nichols now stocks the label for the first time in its history. And, for Leon and Lim, cult pieces of clothing is only the beginning: ‘[t]he womenswear and menswear collections have been the initial steps to fulfil our vision of the Kenzo universe. We hope to branch out into all aspects of the label eventually - we want Kenzo to not just be a fashion brand, but a lifestyle brand as well.’ All hail the King of the Jungle.


Kenzo SS13 runway looks. Images via Vogue UK.'

What's everyones thoughts on the Kenzo collection? Would you like to see more posts like this on the blog?

Best Guest Fashion from LFW

hello everyone, cheeky second post today to say sorry for being ill and poorly and pooey and negligent. 
i know this is a little late now as LFW is all over (sob!), but it turns out the best looks aren't just on the runway, but on the guests themselves, so i've picked out my best dressed guests from London Fashion Week!

Mollie King

Pixie Lott

Clémence Poésy

Caroline Flack
Lily Melrose
Diana Vickers
Demi Lovato
Alexa Chung
Eleanor Calder

Suki Waterhouse
which one is your favourite look?

New Years Resolutions - February Update

where has february gone?! i can't believe it's march tomorrow, this month seems to have gone by in a flash - i feel like i've been really busy, but not done much all at the same time, it's been a weird one. i feel like i've barely been at uni or work this month too and i'm really hoping it doesn't put me behind so i'll give you a quick little update of what i've been up to! it was mums birthday the first weekend, then there was a few hospital visits, a reading week from uni, another weekend home for something i can't even remember, and then i came home on Friday to see One Direction at the weekend, but have ended up with food poisoning and missed another week of uni - i've not been in leicester for more than 6 days at a time this month, whoops. i think i'll have to take this weekend sick off work because i feel so lousy, and then next week i have to venture to the Florence & Fred head offices with uni to present a project to them so it's all very busy and nerve-wracking before coming back home for Mothers Day and then a week after that i'm done for Easter, which terrifies me. so now i shall stop rambling and catch you up on how i've been doing with my new years resolutions this month. ...

1. Try some Soap & Glory products
i haven't bought anything this month out of poorness/business/forgetfulness. someone suggested to keep an eye out on ebay for bits and pieces and i've seen some bargains so i'll see if i can pick anything up on there. 

2. Try some Lush products
again, nothing new. sorry! 

3. Do 20 sit ups every morning and every night
i know i promised last month, but it just hasn't happened. oh god, i'm awful. this month, okay? as soon as i'm better (she says)... 

4. ALWAYS walk to work. unless it's raining.
i have done this, although i feel like i've barely been there... but i will keep this up :)

5. Eat more healthily
i've eaten a lot of salad this month, and fallen in love with it - i could eat it with absolutely everything and i can't wait to get my appetite back and eat properly again! 

6. Try and save £1000 in my savings for car/internship
i got so close this month, but then i paid my car insurance. £946.06. so close, yet so far. :(

7. Don't attempt a spending ban
i haven't, but i'm still feeling very poor! oh so sad. 

8. Book a holiday
not yet, but this is more of an aim by summer! 

9. Purchase a brush cleaner for  make-up brushes
i've still not done this, or even just gone with the shampoo method, so i think i really need to start looking into affordable products or home-made methods. 

10. Jar project
i don't think i've put quite so many bits in here this month, but i'm still doing it. i've put a couple of other bits in the jar this month aswell, like the cinema ticket from mine & James' first valentines day together and soppy little things like that. 

11. Watch as many films as possible off my list of 'Films I Should Have Seen But Haven't'
i've been slacking so badly this month with this, and i need to up my game! there's a few on the list that James said i wasn't allowed to watch without him, so i bought him those for valentines day so at least i have a few on dvd now instead of having to scour for decent online links. 

1. 500 Days of Summer
2. New Year's Eve
3. The Time Travellers Wife
4. Bambi
5. The Lucky One
6. Keith Lemon: The Movie
7. American Beauty 
8. 127 Hours
9. Dirty Dancing
10. Friends With Benefits
11. Knocked Up
12. Alot Like Love
13. Taken
14. 13 Going On 30
15. About a Boy
16. Fame
17. Green Mile
18. Mamma Mia
19. Music & Lyrics
20. Sex and the City 2
21. Slumdog Millionaire
22. The Kings Speech
23. Snow White & The Hunstman
24. Tangled
25. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
26. Ice Age 2
27. Ice Age 3
28. Ice Age 4
29. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
30. 21 Jump Street
31. What to Expect when You're Expecting
32. Fight Club
33. Grown Ups
34. Saving Private Ryan
35. Romeo & Juliet
36. Batman Begins
37. The Dark Knight
38. The Dark Knight Rises
39. Inception - i've actually already seen it but was so confused!
40. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl
41. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest
42. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End
43. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
44. I am Legend
45. James Bond Quantum of Solace
46. The Butterfly Effect
47. Breakfast at Tiffany's
48. LOL
49. Atonement
50. The Devil Wears Prada
51. Pride & Prejudice
52. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
53. Clueless
54. When Harry Met Sally
55. Serendipity
56. Back to the Future
57. Wild Child
58. A Walk to Remember
59. Oceans 11
60. Oceans 12
61. Oceans 13
62. Forrest Gump
63. Hitch
64. The Pursuit of Happiness
65. What Happens in Vegas
66. The Blind Side
67. The Bucket List
68. Easy A
69. Over Her Dead Body
70. White Chicks
71. 50 First Dates
72. The 5 Year Engagement
73. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
74. Me & Orson Welles
75. Savages
76. Breaking Dawn Part 2
77. So Undercover
78. Aladdin
79. The Little Mermaid
80. Confessions of a Shopaholic
81. Love & Other Drugs
82. Limitless
83. The Parent Trap
84. Chicken Run
85. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
86. Crazy Beautiful
87. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
88. Chalet Girl
89. Lost In Translation
90. Phonebooth
91. Collateral
92. Big
93. Crash
94. Crazy Stupid Love
95. War Horse
96. Step Brothers
97. Brothers
98. Shawshank Redemption
99. Seven Pounds
100. The Roommate
101. Eat. Pray. Love
102. Bad Teacher
103. P.S. I Love You
104. Definitely Maybe
105. Little Miss Sunshine
106. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
107. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

so there's my February updates! how's everyone else getting on with their resolutions this year? 
to see the original resolutions click here and last months update is here

Monday, 25 February 2013

sorry i've been neglecting you all...

just a quick post today. i'm so sorry i've been neglecting you all and the blog, but i'm very poorly with food poisoning and i'm not feeling up to much at all. I do have a post lined up on the best dressed guests from London Fashion Week and I'll post it up maybe this afternoon once i've had a nap! 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brit Awards 2013 - Best Dressed

Morning lovelies!
Now i don't know about any of you, but i ended up watching 4 hours of Brits coverage last night, and you will all know by now that i love me a good red carpet event, so i've picked out my top outfits of the night for you all. surprisingly, the boys stole the limelight last night, but then i can't resist a man in a suit!
i've scoured high and low for what everyone's wearing, but it seems noone has got that far yet, so i assume everyone is still very much hungover from all their after-partying! if i find anymore, i'll update this post.

Perrie & Leigh-Ann (Little Mix)
i'm not usually a fan of Little Mix's styling, hence why only half of them have made it into this post. i'm a sucker for anything floral, and i love how Perrie's headband has made such a simple outfit complete (i'm assuming it's a Crown & Glory one?) and if you can match your hair to your dress, why not?! i think Leigh-Ann actually looks really sophisticated, which isn't something we usually see from these girls, it's just a shame about the bow in her hair! fashion bravery points to her too for such a plunging neckline!

Ashley Roberts
this is my perfect dress for a night out and something i'd love to personally have in my wardrobe. it's design is so versatile for accessorising, and like Ashley, i would have gone down the gold/black route too - this is such a staple fashion look that anyone can pull off!

Playsuit - Valentino, Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Alexa Chung
how has she made a playsuit into a whole outfit? no accesories, no bag, no nothing. just how!?

Dress - Elie Saab
Taylor Swift
this is very similar to the Ashley Roberts look, and i really like the subtle sheer panelling on the skirt. i much prefer red carpet looks that have simple dresses with accent accessories, and Taylor has really pulled this off.

Mix of Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Topman & ASOS
One Direction
I couldn't not put them in here, i'm sorry - i spent my evening fangirling over them (and the Brits basically made up an award just for them?!?!) i'm a huge fan of Caroline Watson, who is the boys stylist, and she always manages to co-ordinate the five of them whilst keeping them individual looking at the same time. Bravo, Caroline! 

Olly Murs
i'm as much of a fangirl for Olly as i am One Direction, so you're just going to have to deal with this. i especially like that he's gone for a contrasting waistcoat with his suit - the flash of burgundy brightens up an otherwise plain suit. 

Robbie Williams
hello, purple suit! anyone who steps away from the traditional suit colours is a winner in my eyes!

Louis Smith
the shoes, the shoes! again, a step away from the traditional suit look, all smartened up with a bow tie (take note, Zayn Malik, with some ribbon tied round your neck).

so there we go! did any of you also lose a whole evening fangirling/clothes lusting/wishing you were famous and/or talented? i love the Brits and have religiously watched them since i was little, and i've decided i'm going to get myself a ticket next year, goodbye £70!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Best of LFW Day 4 (18.02.2013) Part 3 - Peter Pilotto

See the full collection on Vogue

Main Trend Focus
1. Monochrome + Primary Colours
2. Art Deco
3. Discrete Openings

Best of LFW Day 4 (18.02.2013) Part 2 - Giles

See the full collection on Vogue

Main Trend Focus
1. Metallics
2. Floral Cutwork
3. Lace Inspired Prints
4. Floral Gothic