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Saturday, 30 June 2012

day six...

A photo of a celebrity who you would like to have a kissing scene with if you were in a movie with them.

If you hadn't noticed by now, it's clearly going to be the Styles...

But seeing as the boy doesn't have an acting bone in his body, we'll go for someone a bit more realistic...


tangle teezer hairbrush review.

After mentioning this in previous posts, it's about time I did a full review on it. After one of my friends introducing me to this and seeing how effortlessly it glided through her wet, knotty hair, I knew I needed to get my hands on one as I tend to end up with half my hair in my hairbrush when I brush it wet as it gets so matted.

They are available from the official Tangle Teezer website for £10.20 + £2.36 P&P for the original brush, and it comes in 5 different colours. They also offer a salon version, juicy fruits range, compact version, and a childrens version shaped like a flower. These again vary in colours, and prices too.
Being a bit stingy as I am, I wasn't prepared to spend £10 on a hairbrush so I had a trawl through lots of other sites and ended up buying mine from Terence Paul Hairdressing for £7.96 and free P&P, which was much more affordable.
The Tangle Teezer website claims 'Tangle Teezer Original professional detangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!'
And it does exactly as it says on the tin! I was impressed with the elegant, professional packaging which instantly made me feel like I'd purchased a high quality product.
The brush has alternate rows of longer and shorter bristles to help it glide through the hair and catch each and every strand. Usually I'm left tugging out huge knots with my regular brush and spending longer brushing it out than actually drying it. This took 5, yes FIVE, strokes of the brush to untangle my hair completely. It doesn't pull on the hair, or cause my hair to malt like normal.
I genuinely can't fault this product, and it will now become one of my must-have beauty products. For the price, this is a miracle worker and I'm so glad I have this in my life.


Friday, 29 June 2012

another arrival from my internet haul (and a sneaky purchase)!

some more pieces have arrived from my internet haul over the last couple of days. this = a happy and excited   Sophie who is very glad she got paid today and found out she'll be receiving a pretty hefty tax rebate! here's a few pieces, some of which I'll be doing proper reviews on in the days to come. 

I'm not often a wearer of earrings, I just stick with a simple pearl pair, but I fell in love with these adorable pairs when I stumbled across them on one of my many hours spent on Ebay! I bought these for my holiday to match my bikinis (yes, i have been sad enough to buy accessories to match my bikinis!) and i'm so glad i bought them on a whim. They aren't as oversized as many floral earrings on the high street and sit nicely on the ear, or anywhere near as expensive. They're available from this ebay store in 14 colours for just £1.19 each + 90p postage. If you buy more than one pair, you'll get free postage on the second, so it's super cheap. They aren't plasticy looking or heavy - these are great summery accessories.

Tangle teezer hairbrush. I won't say anything much about this here as I'm going to do a full review on it tomorrow, but this is my favourite hair product that I've ever come across and advise everyone to get their hands on one! 

A few more bits and pieces for my bedroom. I am so excited now the wallpaper is here! All these pieces are from ebay, if you want the links, just ask :)

Cardigan from MotelRocks! Again, I won't say much about this here as I'll do a styling post over the next few days too.

And my cheeky purchase...

I could not leave this anklet behind in Claire's Accessories; another stunning summery accessory. I love how dainty and subtle it is. Luckily, I live near an outlet store, so this was just £3.15 rather than £4.50 so it was a bargain aswell! 


day five!

A photo of a celebrity whose hair you would like to have

There are far too many! 

Eleanor Calder, not that she's a celebrity, but I still want her hair (and maybe her boyfriend?). Far too much envy over how beautiful she is.

Caroline Flack. Simply for the ombre! I haven't got round to doing mine, but her hair has given me some inspiration so maybe I'll get round to it eventually! I love how effortlessly flawless and natural her hair always looks too. 

Demi Lovato. So long. Just give me.

Either of the Olsen twins! I wish I could get my hair to wave like this!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

miss selfridge shorts review and styling

i will apologise in advance for the poor photos here, this was done really quickly last night in an effort to get some blogposts queued and ready to post.

i ended up buying these a couple of nights ago on an innocent trip to pick my laptop up from repairs, and when I popped into outfit and saw these beauties in the sale for just £15 (£13.50 with student discount!), I couldn't resist. I've been on a desperate hunt to find some high-waisted shorts that fit me nice and snugly, and if i'm honest i'm still after a traditional denim pair as i feel my ones from boohoo could fit much better. these are also part of my 'brighten up my summer wardrobe' mission and i knew they'd go perfectly with an existing top I already have...

Again, apologies for the poor quality but these were quick post-shower snaps, but I just wanted to show you why I fell in love with these shorts. They are almost a perfect match for this New Look top which makes a perfect outfit for holiday and summer heat! I'll team it up with a few simple silver accessories when I get round to wearing this!

This is another quick option I threw on. This needs tan sandles but I couldn't be bothered to grab some! The white almost carries on the dip-dye effect from head to toe. This would go with gold accessories as all my tan belts and sandals have gold accents.

These shorts are a lovely fit (Size 8), and nice and snug without cutting into my thighs. They do gape a bit at the small of my back, but this seems to be a design flaw on most high-waisted shorts - it seems that designers have forgotten that the small of your back naturally curved in, and the style of these doesn't allow for that. The denim is a high quality, without being too thick for the summer months, and the cut of the legs doesn't mean my bum will be hanging out like with a lot of other high street styles.

I strongly advise getting down to your nearest Miss Selfridge sale as I've saved myself a whopping £21.50 on these which is well over 50%


matalan bikini review.

Another recent arrival from my internet haul. We've finally got round to booking a holiday, so it was only right to buy a bikini to celebrate the occasion. I settles on this beauty from Matalan, which I also own in white from last summers collection.

This is just £11 from Matalan and available in Sizes 8-20.

Now I've been quite brave and taken a bikini shot to go with this post, which is not me at all, but it'd be unfair to review this without one, so no judging my pale, hideous skin.

There's just one negative I've found, and this is that the plastic shaping piece between the bust really sticks out at the bottom, which I think is quite evident in this picture. It's almost as though it's cut too deep and pulling it down. Luckily this doesn't affect the overall fit of the bikini, so I'll be able to live with it. The bottoms are some of the comfiest I own and lovely and snug which is a must for a bikini to avoid any embarrasing wardrobe malfunctions. This probably isn't practical for actual swimming, but I'm not much of a swimmer so this will do lovely in my attempt to get a tan. I've got the bottoms in an 8, and the top in a 10, which fits perfectly on me and makes it a lot easier for me to find a bikini as 8's that fit on the bottom tend to not fit my top! 

Matalan have some really stunning, fashionable bikinis in their collection, and I know not many people will think of looking there, but it's definitely worth a quick look! 


day 4

I do not listen to any rap music in any form, but for the sake of my epic rendition of the rap in Justin Bieber's 'Baby', have a photo of Ludacris.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

a couple of ebay purchase reviews

Some of my ebay (and general internet shopping) haul has started to arrive now, so I'll be reviewing it all a few pieces at a time as it all arrives.

The two bits in this post are both from Ebay and the bag is available here for £14.99 in black and tan, and the rings from here for £1.89 each.

I am absolutely chuffed with this! £14.99 is normally a little bit more than I'd spend on a bag, but the fact that I've been after a new black one for so long and the stunning stud detailing sold it for me. It's much more spacious than I was anticipating, which is perfect for someone like me who can sometimes end up lugging half my life around in a handbag. The two little zip pockets on either end of the bag are so practical that I'm not sure how I ever functioned without them before. They are perfect for your phone and save you all the time and hassle of fishing through all your other junk to find it. The zips are a little stiff (and quite low quality) but they have loosened up now I've used it a few more times. I wish the gold tag was metal, rather than a slightly tacky looking material, but this is a minor issue to me! Plenty of pockets inside, and definitely worth your money!

i LOVE these rings, they're much nicer than I ever anticipated. I have such small fingers that's it's a nightmare to find rings that fit me properly and double finger rings seem to be the solution. These are actually adjustable too which is perfect. The crosses are smaller than I thought they'd be, but this isn't a negative in my opinion, they don't get in the way and interfere in everyday tasks. I've coated them in a clear layer of nail polish, as I do with all my cheap rings, to try and stop the colour rubbing off so quickly - this is a life long tip I will stand by! 


my nail polish storage has arrived!!!

so you may have seen in one of my previous posts (the life of an ebay addict) that I had finally got my hands on some gorgeous nail polish storage and it's FINALLY ARRIVED!

As you can see, I've not had a chance to put it up properly, but we're finally getting round to decorating my room so it won't be up for a while. It's bigger than I thought, which is an absolute bonus - and it means there's plenty more space for lots more polishes! I'm planning on using the hooks underneath for my favourite/regular pieces of jewellery and essentials like my keys. You would not think that someone could be so excited over a piece of furniture. Unfortunately there's a few marks and scrapes on it which the seller failed to mention on ebay, so I'm trying to sort that out at the moment, but it's nothing I can't touch up with a bit of paint. I found this just from searching shabby chic spice rack in ebay after seeing someone else had converted a spice rack into some stunning storage for their polishes.


day 3

Demi Lovato; simply too beautiful for her own good.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

spice girls - viva forever musical press launch

So this beauty just appeared on my Facebook feed, and it would just be rude to not blog about it!
First off - how AMAZING do they all look!? With the exception of possibly Mel B, I adore every single one of their outfits here! Someone give me Mel C's dress (this is some of the worst dress lust I have ever experienced) and Emma's shoes. I much prefer Victoria with long hair, it frames her face so much better, but I do wish she'd spruced up her black outfit with a tiny splash of colour. I also can't work out if she's worn silver AND gold accessories together which a huge no-no for me. I think I'll be taking this photo with me to the hairdressers to get my hair done like Emma's, but just add in more of a fringe! I'm going to leave it there before I ramble on at how much I am in awe of this picture.   


fallen in love.

I have just fallen in love with this shirt whilst browsing the urban outfitters website! It's hard to believe I hated the pastel trend when it first came out, and now I own far too many pastel pieces!

Other bits I've fallen in love with are 


day 2...


Monday, 25 June 2012



Do you have any siblings?
One younger brother.

How old are you? 

What's your height?
5ft 2"
What's your top/dress size?
Size 6

Do you have any diet plans/tips? 
Don't snack! But I am not known to stick to this!

Do you workout?
No, I really should though.

Do you have any pets?
Yes! We've just got a kitten and he is officially my favourite thing in the world.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I've recently really got into my blogging, ebaying, shopping, reading.

Who inspires you?
If I'm honest, noone really inspires me.

What do you feel is your greatest achievment? 
Getting into uni, and sticking with it even when I wanted to drop out.

What do you value most in life? 
Family, friends & good health.

What do you do? 
A second year university student doing fashion buying.

What is your dream job? 
I would adore to be a celebrity stylist.

What did you take for your GCSE'S 
Textiles, French, English... I can't even remember, they were so long ago.

Do you make good grades?
Not especially, no!

What is your ethnicity? 

Do you want to get married later on in life? 
Yes, please.

Do you have any phobias? 

Have you ever had a near death experience? 

Do you get mad easily? 
Occasionally, it really depends on the person and situation.

Where have you been on holiday & where was the best? 
We just tend to go to France and Spain, nowhere really stands out.

Favourite childhood memory?I don't especially have any, is that sad?


Heels or flats?
Heels, instantly cheer a girl up.

Favourite moisturiser? 
I just use a Wilkinsons brand, I don't see the point in paying out on it.

Where do you buy most of your clothes from? 
Most of my wardrobe is probably Primark, H&M and New Look.

Favourite Shop? 
It honestly changes week to week, let alone every season. 

Favourite makeup brand? 
I use so many different ones, it'd be impossible to choose.

Favourite drugstore makeup brand? 
Barry M

Favourite nail polish brand? 
Again, Barry M!

What was your first makeup item? 
Some horrendous green and blue eye shadow when I was younger.

If you had your own makeup line what would you call it? 
Oh I have no idea, it would take me forever to choose.

What are you into the most, if you HAD to choose one..Jewellery, Makeup, Shoes, Clothes? 

What is your favourite shoe store? 

Most of mine are Primark, cheap, practical. I'm on a student budget after all! 

At what age did you start wearing makeup? 
Properly at about 15?

Do you wear falsies? If so which brand? 
Occasionally, and I always use Eyelure

Lipgloss or mascara? 


Whats your worst shopping habit? 
Not being able to stop. It is the worst habit and I hate myself for it. 

Do you have a signature scent? 

Marc Jacobs Daisy

How do you take care of your hair? 
I hardly ever use heat on it, I'm lucky and have naturally curly hair. 

Whats the colour of your natural hair & highlights? 

What are your views on plastic surgery? 
There's a couple of things I'd have done, but they aren't to improve appearance.

If makeup somehow wasn't invented :)O) what would you replace it with? 
 A mask.

Do you bite your nails?


Would you rather grow a beard or go bald? 
Go bald, I could always buy a wig!

If you could know the date you were going to die, would you want to know? 
Yes. I don't even know why.

Which five male celebs would be on your "list"? 
Harry Styles, Olly Murs, Zac Efron, Louis Tomlinson, Biebs

If you only had 24 hours to live how would you spend it? 

Do everything I'd ever been scared to do.

Do you have a favourite book? 
To Kill A Mockingbird

Do you watch any american tv, if so what is your favourite? 
So much, but my favourites would be Gossip Girl, New Girl and Pretty Little Liars

What is your favourite type of sandwhich? 
Chicken BLT. Without the T.

What is your favourite reality tv show? 
I can't resist Big Brother, or Teen Mom!

What wesbite do you visit the most besides youtube, blogger & facebook? 

Who is your favourite blogger? 
I really like LLYMLRS-

Who is your favourite makeup guru? 

I don't follow anyone's tutorials, I just stick with my own personal look.

How do you make your blog interesting? 
I hope by keeping it up to date, it makes it interesting.

Do you like photography? 
Yes, I can't take decent photos, but I adore other peoples.

What is your fave style to decorate your bedroom, chic, modern, vintage..etc? 
Shabby chic.

What is your favourite disney film?
I don't have one, I've hardly seen any.

Whats your favourite desert? 
Raspberyy pavlova.

Do you like swimming?
No. Only lounging in the pool on holiday.

Do you drink juice? 
Orange Juice!

What's your favourite movie? 
Again, I don't have one.

Do you eat fries with a fork? 

Do you like cookies? 

If you could move anywhere, where would it be? 
New York.

Savoury or sweet? 

Favourite flower? 

Favourite colour? 
I don't have one, there's too many to choose from.

Do you drink energy drinks? 

Do you drink coffee? 


If you could have a dinner party with 5 celebrities, dead or alive, who would you invite? 

Harry Styles(kill me), Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Michael McIntyre, Olly Murs

in an attempt for you to get to know me a bit better...

(all 4 of you, at least) i'll be doing this challenge

I'll also post one of those questionnaire things, you'll see what I mean in a minute.
So here goes, Day 1; A photo of my favourite band

I'm not even going to get started on these boys... Just revel in their beauty