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Saturday, 17 November 2012 Christmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge feat.

hello, everybody!
i think it's now safe to say that i love a good blogger challenge, and today is no different (i think this is my third in about 2 weeks?!)
this one is being run by the lovely people over at and they're looking for the best Christmas Party outfits under £100. The more i thought about it, the more i realised how hard it would be to put together a whole outfit with accessories and all that jazz for just £100 with the prices in the majority of high street stores. i mean, i love miss selfridge, but their dresses can sometimes average out at around £50, and their shoes are extortionate. 

the rules are pretty simple:
-choose a merchant from the list provided by
-create an outfit for £100 or under
-you can use any offer/discount code that is advertised on the fashionvouchers website at the time you publish your post. 

and here's my entry. i went for missguided, purely because from experience i know that they're spot on trend with affordable prices!
i know lots of people stereotypically go all glitz, glam and sparkly for the Christmas party season, but that's not something i'm much of a fan of - surely it's not just me who thinks sequins are one of the itchiest things to wear?! instead, i've gone on-trend and for something i'd feel much comfier and myself in. i adore the galactic print trend (but my spending ban is stopping me adding all the stunning pieces to my wardrobe, booooo!), so i've gone for that, purely so i can sit and lust over this outfit instead of buying it. i love that the imitation leather bralet adds a rockier edge to the floaty, feminine skirt and i've carried this through to the accessories - studs were made to go with leather! the rust and sage tones were calling out for gold accessories rather than silver, and i've picked out some pretty statement pieces here!

Dress // Shoes // Bag // Necklace // Ring // Bracelet

TOTAL - £106.94

TOTAL - £96.25!
£3.75 to spare... enough for a cheeky drink!

so what does everyone think of the outfit? is it something you'd wear, or do you prefer the glitter and sparkle of Christmas?!

if you also want to take part in this challenge, then all the details can be found here and you have until December 17th to get your entries in!


  1. I've also had my eye on this Missguided dress. Great picks and you can't go wrong with Missguided :)

    1. i'm hoping it's still online after christmas as i'm on a spending ban at the minute, fingers crossed! Xx

  2. I love this outfit! I do like the glitter and sparkle of Christmas too though!

    1. i am partial to a bit of glitter, but i'll be keeping it to my nails this year! Xx

  3. Love the outfit. I still don't own anything galaxy print yet..what an oversight! I need to sort that!

    Karys x

    1. everyone needs some galaxy print, god damn my spending ban! Xxx