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Friday, 10 January 2014

The Beauty Review | Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser

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An image of Make Up Forever Instant Brush Cleanser

hello, girls! 

i have a new beauty review today, this time on the Make Up Forever Instant Brush Cleanser. i picked this up when from Sephora back when i went to Barcelona last September, but i always forget that i have it and neglect it almost as much as i do when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes, so i thought that whilst lots of us are adding 'clean my makeup brushes more often' to our list of beauty resolutions, it was about time i reviewed this. 

i think i picked this little 50ml bottle up for around 13, simply because i only had hand luggage allowance to get it back to the UK, but you'll get plenty of uses out of it. i don't use this as a daily cleaner a) because i'm too lazy to clean my brushes everyday and b) because i don't want to run out of it anytime soon, but this is perfect for a fortnightly wash. i would still suggest a deep clean with warm water every month or so, just to clean all the bristles right in the centre of the brush.

i'll admit real laziness here, and say that in the before and after pictures above, i hadn't washed my brushes at all in at least a month (don't judge, i know you're guilty of this too, girls!). the process is real quick and easy, just pump a couple of sprays onto a cotton pad and swirl your brush around until its clean, and use more than one cotton pad if necessary and keep on swirling until your cotton pad stays clean. this is more of a mist than a liquid spray, and if anything is a little oily, but it leaves my brushes feeling fresh and conditioned after use, and you don't need to be rinsing away any residue. your brushes are also immediately dry, so there's no waiting around from them to dry out before you can use them again. 

i think you'll agree from the before and after pictures that this works a treat on all types of product - the first brush i use for powder highlighter, the second for liquid foundation, the third for powder/mousse bronzer and the final two with powder eyeshadows - and gets rid of 99% of the traces of makeup. i do find that this does work better on brushes where the bristles are more dense and tightly packed together, as this doesn't do as good a job with my Real Techniques Powder Brush or Liz Earle Blush Brush. 

overall, i love the Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser and promise never to neglect it again. and before you all think you can't get your hands on it because I picked it up in Sephora, i've actually found a UK stockist! you can pick up a 150ml bottle for £19.95 including shipping from Guru Makeup Emporium here, or they actually have a store in London if you can get there. it looks like they've updated the packaging or possibly changed the formula since i picked mine up, but i am sure it works just the same, if not better, especially coming from Make Up Forever.


  1. Oh great post, I love the fact that you included before and after shots, great idea!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

    1. it still impresses me how much makeup it budges! x

  2. I am in need of a make up brush cleanser, I have been using just dr bronners magic soap for a while but would like to try something else as well for the in between washes. Great post!

    Becki from

    1. i've heard a lot about dr bronner, so i might give that a whirl. xx

  3. Ohh this looks fab! I have only ever tried makeup product by MUFE but i am really entrigued to try a brush cleanser. Thank goodness for GME in the UK stocking a load of American beauty goodies :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. i really want to try some of their makeup products, i just need to do some saving beforehand! xx