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Monday, 13 August 2012

Review // Yves Saint Laurent 'Le Teint Touche Eclat' Foundation

shade BD40

i know i'm very, very late with this post so i'm very sorry. but better late then never, here is my review on the YSL Touche Eclat foundation 7-day trial.

i've always wished that i could justify spending the £25 for the original, highly coveted Touche Eclat pen after witnessing how brillitant the coverage it was from a friend. so when i heard that a foundation had finally been developed after many years of research, i once again wished i had a little more money. but, thank the lord, there was the opportunity to go to my nearest YSL counter and pick up a free 7-day trial of it - hurrah!
when you went to get your trial, you were also meant to get it professionally colour matched to your skintone, but myself and my mum were left to deal with a very rude woman who just gave us the shades she thought were closest to our skintones without even applying it to our skin. after telling her i would need a very pale shade, i was matched up with BD40 (which is actually a very good match) and my mum with BD50 (which is nowhere near her skintone, even though she told the lady it wasn't anywhere near the shade she usually uses). mum wasn't very happy with her trail, so i ended up with that too, which was actually a lovely shade for me towards the end of my recent holiday. 

like i said, BD40 was a great match for my skintone, but i think this is also due to the fact that i religiously mix my foundation with moisturiser which obviously weakens the colour. it has some brilliant staying power, and i'm now lusting over a full size bottle (but i know i can't justify the price!). it is slightly thicker in consistency than my regular foundation, but it doesn't appear cakey at all and leaves me feeling more confident in the coverage that my foundation gives me. my trials have definitely lasted me more than 7 days aswell; i'd even go as far to say that they've lasted almost three times this long!

i did take a picture of myself with just the foundation on with no other make-up, but my camera decided to delete it, so i've added in a photo of my completed make-up using the foundation.

Yves Saint Laurent 'Le Teint Touche Eclat' Foundation  retails at £28 for 30ml. If you can afford it, i'd definitely reccomend this foundation. i'm tempted to ask for a bottle for my birthday, but don't want to add it into my daily routine when i can't afford to keep it up when the bottle runs out!


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