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Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Review Post | Origins Super Spot Remover

i am very much aware that leaving it this long before making my first Origins purchase probably makes me a bad beauty blogger, but what with having a skincare stash the size of Everest and a student shopping budget i always stopped myself even looking at their bits so that i wouldn't end up wanting anything. but recently, one little thing in particular caught my eye.

my ultimate skincare woe is aggressive spots - they'll stick around for weeks, not go down no matter what i plaster on them or how much i cleanse, and then leave a pretty unattractive mark for another couple of weeks, so armed with a Debenhams beauty voucher which my best girls got me for my birthday, i bit the Origins bullet and picked this up. 

i read a tonne of reviews from a whole lot of bloggers and not one of them had a bad thing to say about this, so i had no hesitations in ordering it, and Origins Super Spot Remover is now my new best friend. this week - Thursday evening to be precise -  two of above mentioned aggressive spots decided to take residence on my face. usually these would take a couple of days to really ripen (disgusting, i know!), hang around for a week or so and then take just as long to disappear, but these days are now well gone! i've applied some of this to the spots once or twice a day since Thursday and they have already pretty much gone. this stopped the spots right in their tracks, took away any redness and flattened them right back down to where they belong so they're easily hidden with make-up. considering it's only Sunday now, i am super, super impressed, and it hasn't dried my skin out either. 

sure, this is a teeny, tiny 10ml bottle but the smallest amount will go such a long way - a tiny drop on the tip of your finger is enough to cover 4-5 spots so i can see this lasting me a long while, and i would definitely instantly repurchase when i do run out. 

the bad thing? because this has worked so well for me, i now want to try more bits from Origins so would really appreciate any recommendations on what you think i should try.

Origins Super Spot Remover | £14 


  1. Thank you for this review lovely! I definitely need this now!
    I'm a complete Origins lover! I adore their products. Their GinZing moisturiser and their eye cream is amazing. Also the 10 minute mask and overnight mask are great. The smells are beautiful!

    Rosie xxx

  2. This is on my shopping list currently using liz earle spot on