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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The DIY Post | Shabby Chic Your Ikea Skurar Pot

something a little bit different today. i recently went to ikea and picked up the now infamous skurar plant pot to pop my makeup brushes in. as lovely as it is all plain and white (i will be buying another to leave as is), i thought i'd upcycle it a little and give it more of a shabby chic look to fit in with my decor. the way i've done it makes it easy to uncycle too, if that's even a word, and easily get it back to its usual look, but i thought i would share a little DIY post with you guys.

You Will Need:
1 x Skurar plant pot
8 x paper flowers of your choice (these were 99p from The Range)
pretty ribbon (also 99p from The Range)

1. cut the stem of the flowers to around 3cm long
2. choose a pattern for the flowers
3. pop the flower in the desired hole and wrap the wire around a couple of times to hold in place
4. attach the rest of the flowers in the same way in whichever pattern you choose

5. measure and cut the ribbon to length, with about 1cm extra to overlap
6. glue the end of the ribbon and line up with where the pot meets 
7. add a couple of blobs of glue around the pot to hold in place
8. overlap the ribbon at the end and secure with another bit of glue

and tah-dah, you are done! the pictures below show the final look and how i've incorporated it into my decor! enjoy. 

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