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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

okay, so i know the cult, go-to Maybelline mascara is the Falsies, but i thought i'd try something else out when i recently needed a new mascara. 
my all-time favourite mascara was a cheapy Collection 2000 one, but it's now been discontinued, so i'm in that phase of trying out all the mascaras, and i went for Maybelline in the end because i think they're the most reasonable prices in the drugstore. i typically go for mascaras with a waterproof element and a plastic wand, i just find that application is a hell of a lot better than that of a brush, so this particular mascara ticked both of those boxes. one downside i will say about my shopping experience is that Maybelline don't have samples of all their mascara wands, so i had to go by the little picture on the packaging and hope for the best! 
that aside though, i absolutely love this mascara - it has a chunky little wand with short bristles that really help to seperate lashes and give them a good coating - i'll just do my lashes once in the morning and they won't need touching up throughout the day at all, except for the odd re-curl. 

Before & After
as you can see from the pictures, it makes a dramatic difference to the appearance of my lashes, and i'd even go as far as saying they give almost a false-lash effect - this mascara would look amazing for a night out with a pair of falsies thrown on!
i highly recommend this mascara, especially for just £7.99, and they also do it in the regular formula if waterproof isn't quite up your street.

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  1. Love ya lashes here - I will deffo try this asap.

    Do you have any tips for applying it?

    1. i just give my lashes a quick curl and apply. i tend to work from the inner eye outwards! Xx

  2. Ooooh this mascara looks really good!:)

  3. Looks like a fantastic mascara :) x