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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Haul Post | Christmas 2013

i hope you all had a lovely christmas! i decided just to photograph my haul this year rather than film, just because i really don't have the time to sit & edit and i'm back to work tomorrow, plus you can probably see bits better in photos. just a little disclaimer, i am not trying to show off in any way whatsoever, i just love reading this kind of post and i know other people do, too. i haven't included smellies and sweets and all those bits that aren't very interesting, so i'll jump right in with the good stuff! 

i feel like this little lot is going to be sat in my purse for a little while as i've seen absolutely nothing in the sales yet this year that's caught my eye (trust me, i've scoured everywhere!), although i think i might treat myself to this gorgeous Marc B Lucia purse.

i am forever buying little homey, shabby chic bits, so all of these goodies will find a home in my room. i actually picked out everything here (except the bunting) as gifts from my parents. the bin really finishes my room as the one i had before really didn't match, and you can never have enough wicker hearts dotted around the place! i love the little glass ring dish as i am forever losing rings because i don't have anywhere to keep them, and the bunting will be coming to uni with me, and was a gift from the lovely Rosie (whose blog is here).

make-up wise, i've already blogged about the gorgeous Hourglass Ambient Light Palette which my best girl Ellie (from Ellie's Ramblings) got me, and i am still a little bit gobsmacked. then my grandparents got me a couple of OPI crackle polishes, and my parents picked me up the Soap & Glory Brow Archery.

i am never going to run out of drinking devices again! the floral water bottle is from my parents, the gorgeous Eco Cup is from my best friend Mollie (and will be very loved for taking tea to uni!) and the floral mug is from my friend Sarah! i also got another travel mug from Abi, but it's already been used and is waiting to be washed!

me and Mum have laughed at this cheap little One Direction DVD for months now, so she got me this as a little bit of a joke. obviously, i had to end up with 1D This Is Us and it will probably be on repeat once I'm back at uni to get me through final year! i've also watched the last Micky Flanagan tour on TV far too many times now, so Mum also got me the new Micky Flanagan Back in the Game DVD.

these Monsters Inc pyjamas are my new favourite thing, and my brother got me these uber festive slippers because i'm forever moaning about how cold my feet are! all the knickers are from Mollie, too (she religiously buys us christmas knickers every year, and the Kermit ones may be my favourite yet!) and the fluffy socks are from Sarah.

christmas is always time for a new diary, and this beauty is from Paperchase. anyone else love filling in a new diary?!

Mollie also got me this gorgeous little bracelet which goes perfectly with a jumpsuit that i'd been looking for jewellery to go with. i also got a necklace, earrings and bracelet from Sarah, but some is being borrowed by Mum today, and i'm wearing some of the earrings!

my parents also got me this gorgeous gift box from a store near us - Naturally Unique. imagine Lush, but better! all the little bath bombs and melts are done to look like little cupcakes, and there are so many smells that you're spoilt for choice! i might do a blogpost on these bits as i bought some for myself too, and they are too cute to not share with you.

and finally, my new babies are these boots from my parents. there are no words, lets just look and drool a little!

and that is everything i got this year! i was super spoilt and am grateful for everything i received! if anyone else has a christmas haul post then please pop the links in a comment - these are my all-time favourite sorts of post to read!


  1. Sophie, you got some really good stuff this year! I feel like you and I have the same taste. The home decor items are exactly what I would have picked out (especially that bin!). That Ambient Light palette is lovely and the floral drinking cups are so me! Oh, and don't feel bad about wanting 1D DVD's, I, in fact have the Justin Beiber one. :'D

    Thanks for sharing!

    Shree |

  2. Awesome gifts! Those slipper socks look so comfy. Also, can I just say how cool British money looks? It's way more interesting than American dollars! :) x

  3. Lots of lovely Christmas presents. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Wow! What gorgeous gifts, you are a lucky lady Sophie! I looove those boots, super jealous right now!!