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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Round-Up Post | 2013

i wasn't going to do this kind of post this year, just because the last few months have been pretty naff for me, but my best girl Ellie convinced me after saying it's a good way to remember the good things that happened rather than the bad.
i'm not going to go too far into why i'm glad to see the back of 2013, but it's safe to say that a break-up, being extremely unhappy at university and learning who true friends are, have all played a huge part in it. but that's enough of being sad, and back to looking over everything good that has happened!

Resolutions | Valentines Day | Meeting Olly Murs | A mass of concert tickets | Biggest uni project yet

January - March
i kicked off this year with a resolutions post, and it's safe to say i didn't stick to many of them! january seems to have been fairly quiet, up until we hit valentines day in february. this was the first time i've ever been sent flowers and they were absolutely gorgeous. the end of february was a low point for me because i was hit full on with food poisoning and had to take a few weeks off of uni and get all my deadlines extended (and yes, this is as stressful as it sounds!). turns out though that food poisoning won't stop a 1D fangirl from seeing those boys, as on the first day of getting it, i found myself travelling to London to see them for just one of many times this year. i met Olly Murs with my Mum in March, and then we also went to see him in the same month, aswell as me winning tickets to go and see Justin Bieber with Courtney! this night was actually the first time i met Ellie, and it safely set our friendship in stone (please note, i don't like justin bieber, but it was free, and a good laugh! especially all the hate i got from 'beliebers' on twitter for winning tickets to a show i didn't want to go to!). March saw the start of one of my biggest uni projects so far, and something i'm now very proud of, and i also headed off to see one direction again, this time in Nottingham with my friend Rosie.

One Direction with Pia | Manchester 1D Road Trip with Rosie | Interning | Robbie Williams | 100 followers!
April - June
April kicked off with another London day trip to see one direction, this time with one of my best friends Pia, and this was probably my favourite concert of the year - we were surrounded by what i can only describe as the epitome of the one direction italian fangirl who sobbed the whole way through and we have never laughed so much in our lives. i also saw one direction for the fourth and final time in Manchester, and took another roadtrip up to Manchester to stay with Rosie for the weekend, and we had a fab time, with amazing seats. to finish off the one direction-ness of this month (it's okay, i've noticed maybe i do too many 1D related things, too!), i booked tickets to go and see them next year on their stadium tour with Ellie, which i cannot wait for! 
i finished my second year of uni in May, which again flew by, and left me with the start of my summer break! i started a beauty PR internship at the beginning of June for 6 weeks, and i loved every single minute of it, so much so that i didn't want to leave! i also got to meet two lovely bloggers whilst i was there - Lucy & Hayley - who only made the experience more enjoyable!
june also saw my final concert of the year, which was to see Robbie Williams and Olly Murs at Wembley Stadium, which was a present for my Mums birthday which was back in february. we had an amazing time, even if i was struck down with the worst hayfever in the world that night, and just looked like an over-emotional fan! 
the biggest thing for me was hitting 100 blog followers in June! it had taken me so long to get there, and i was absolutely chuffed to bits! 

Still interning | First blogging event | Being introduced to Five Guys | 1D Movie!!! | First Sephora visit
Barcelona | Turkey x3 | Beginning final year
July - September
these were very busy months for me! i was still interning for the first half of july, and was lucky enough to be asked back again at the end of august. i also really got into my blog around this time and re-did all of my layout and really found a blogging style which suited me.
in July, i was again lucky enough to see Ellie a few times and she came along to my first blogging event with me! we also had a disastrous evening at another event which could only be made better by my introduction to Five Guys, and i think i've been constantly craving another one ever since. i was also lucky enough to bag two tickets to an advanced screening of the One Direction movie in August (i promise, i'll stop with one direction now), so me and Ellie jumped at the chance and spent the evening drooling over the boys!
just as i finished interning, i got my second year uni results, and found out i was heading into final year with a 2:1 which i was so pleased about! i then headed off on my first holiday of september to barcelona with my Mum which was a joint little celebration for my 21st and her 50th. we had the best few days, and i think i may have dragged her into sephora one too many times! a week after barcelona, i headed off to turkey with my boyfriend at the time, and it was the most gorgeous hotel i have ever, ever stayed in - i will never get over how beautiful it was, and would love to go back there one day. 
and of course, the end of september bought the day of heading back to uni and starting my final year - eek!

Michael Kors for my 21st! | Harry Styles dropped by | Cake | 21st Night Out | Pressie from Ellie!
Christmas is coming! | Pretty window display | Present overload with the girls | Christmas Eve | Christmas Cat
October - December
october kicked off with my 21st on the 3rd and a few days of celebrations! i came home from uni for the occasion and was super surprised by the gift of a Michael Kors watch from my parents - i hadn't asked for it and was not expecting it at all, but i am still in awe and super grateful! we also went out for a big family meal, before i headed back to leicester at the weekend with my then boyfriend and a bunch of friends for a night out, as it was my boyfriends 21st three days later. and that was probably the last time i was truly happy this year. after this, everything went downhill at the uni house and it's not been the same since and it is my least favourite place to be filled with lies, bitchiness and unwelcomeness. it was also a couple of weeks after the birthday celebrations that i went through a break up with my boyfriend. it went on over a couple of weeks, so i was sort of expecting it when it came around, but it was still a huge shock to me. luckily, i think i've coped pretty well, and a couple of really good friends (Ellie, Mollie & Pia) have all really been there for me when i've needed them. the only good thing from this is that i do maybe think i'm better off by myself for now, and it also proved to me who my real friends were.
november was pretty uneventful for me. i was obviously pretty down and my uni work took a hit for a few weeks as leicester really wasn't a place i wanted to be, so i was travelling home pretty much every weekend and didn't spend more than 4 days in a row at uni. i think around this time though, mcbusted tickets were booked with Pia and Ellie!
i did make some lovely new blogging friends in december when i headed off to the LDNXmasMeet and went for dinner with a bunch of lovely girls, who i'm now so happy so be able to call friends - ChloePerdiGeorgina & Becka.
then, before i knew it, christmas was coming round and i tried to make the most of it! i had the annual christmas dinner with three of my oldest friends, Mollie, Sarah & Abi, and then spent the rest of the holidays at home with my parents, brother and grandparents!
and that brings us round to today - new years eve. i'm heading out with some friends tonight, and hoping that it will mark the start of a brand new year for me.

i am determined that 2014 will be a fresh start and a time for me to make a name for myself. in just three months i will have pretty much finished uni and be ready to graduate, something which i don't feel ready for at all. i can't wait to find myself a job and start my life properly. i plan just to get any job i can upon graduation and work my bum off to save money up so i can intern by september and gain some really valuable experience. i'm obviously still applying for graduate roles, so that if something comes up i can grab it with both hands and make it work for me. i also hope that my blog keeps on growing as it's always bringing me new, exciting opportunities.

i just want to say a huge thankyou to people who have really played a huge part in my 2013 and been a part of the good memories i can hold on to. i'm heading into the new year with the motto 'treat others as they treat you'!


  1. I LOVE YOU!
    Here is to 2014 bringing us closer than ever, with a huge amount of 1D related things and lots of laughs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sounds like you had a great year! :)

  3. Such an action-packed year! I'm so sorry you had some down moments, but it sounds like you have some amazing friends around you :) Happy 2014!