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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Lifestyle Post | My Workout Routine & Wishlist

today's post is a little different, but the type of post i've really found myself drawn to recently. in an attempt to tone up for the summer, this year i've left my workout-phobe self behind and i've surprisingly become that person that looks forward to a work out - crazy, right?

a few weeks back, i posted this picture to instagram of my progress so far, and in about six weeks i've lost half a stone. now i didn't start working out with any intention of losing weight, it was purely to tone up, and i will keep at it until my body is in the shape i want it to be, but i know some people reading this will potentially be looking for ways to lose weight, so the workouts i've been doing will still help. i've focused my workouts to target the areas of my body i want to work on which are my thighs and my stomach. i know some of you will say 'but you're already thin' and 'you should be happy with the way you are', but by working on my problem areas, i'll end up a lot happier with my body. i also want to say that i haven't achieved this purely from working out, i've completely revamped my diet and am eating a lot better and cleaner than i used to. i use My Fitness Pal to keep track of what i'm eating and how much exercise i'm doing, and this is by far the best site i've come across, plus they also have an app so you can keep track of things on the go, too. from putting in all my stats when i signed up, it set my goal at 1,200 a day and when i mentioned this on Twitter a lot of you seemed pretty shocked at this and thought it was very little, but please bare in mind that i am super petite and i am still eating three meals a day and having snacks. on a typical day i will have yoghurt and granola for breakfast, a banana mid morning, for lunch it's usually crackers and philadelphia, a bagel, pasta salad or a regular salad with a packet of crisps (pom bears are a personal fave!) and dinner can really vary but i've been loving sweet potatoes, stir fry, rice, pasta, spring rolls, salads with warm chicken and anything that's filling yet still healthy. i still have naughty snacks every now and then, but 99% of the time i stick to my 1,200 calories. 

on an average day i burn off about 100-150 calories, and i always make sure i include any walking i do on My Fitness Pal as being a student a walk into town can be a good 30 minutes there and back which burns around 80 calories. in terms of my workouts, i initially started out on the Wii Fit as before this i will admit i never did any exercise, so i eased myself in gently with yoga, muscle workouts and a few more aerobic based exercises. then i discovered Blogilates and it's safe to say that this is what really made me enjoy my workouts. each month there is a workout calender which you can follow for just an hours exercise a day and each workout on the Blogilates channel is targetting a specific area of the body, and this is how i started coming across more and more workouts which suited me and my problem areas. another great place for workout inspiration and routines is Pinterest and my fitness inspiration board is always growing. this is where i came across the Drop Ten Workout. initially it's to help drop 10lb in two weeks, but there's no way it would be appropriate for me to lose that much weight so i do this every other day as it has some cardio aspects to it and hits other areas of my body that i don't usually focus on. 

on the days that i don't do the drop ten workout, i've actually made up my own 30 minute workout which focuses completely on abs and thighs, so as i know these are problem areas for others, i thought i'd share it with you, and i've added a link to an example of each exercise:

Run on the spot for the duration of one song
30 reps of hot potato on each leg (don't let the leg touch the ground)
30 crunches
50 squats
50 rear raisers (keep fingers on the floor for the whole duration)
30 reps leg raise on each leg (don't let the leg touch the ground)
Run on the spot for the duration of one song
30 double leg raises (don't let the legs touch the ground)
20 crunches

so that's pretty much my workout routine done, you just need to stick at it and be motivated. the best motivation i've found is new gym clothes (of course there had to be something shopping related) and working out to your favourite music. i'll admit that 99% of the time i work out to one direction songs - they're catchy, upbeat and have a good, steady tempo for working out. just keep at it and you will notice a difference eventually. naughty days are okay, or not working out for one day due to other commitments isn't going to be a huge set back, as long as you get back at it the next day. i haven't cut out any of my favourite foods, i'm just more aware of how much i'm eating and have swapped the majority of things for light or low fat versions and i only drink water, there's been no dramatic changes in my lifestyle.

so to finish off a slightly heavier post than usual, i've thrown in my current wishlist of workout equipment, and if any of you have spied some pretty workout wear then send it my way! i know this post won't have been of interest to all of you, but i hope it helps at least one person feel better about themselves!

Pilates Core Set £23 | Blogilates Resistance Bands $16.95 | Blogilates Yoga Mat $25 | Forever 21 Yoga Leggings £16.75 | Asda Reversible Activewear Bralet £5 | Forever 21 Double Strap Sports Bra £8.75 | Nike Flyknit Air Max £180


  1. Those trainers... I want to cry everytime I see them.
    Might have to save up ;).


  2. Aw I absolutely loved this post! Such a good read, keep up the good work. It's amazing to have motivation I think. I recently wrote a similar blog post over on my blog about the new healthy lifestyle that I am undertaking..and surprisingly loving. Like you say before I used to hate a workout, but now I quite enjoy it everyday.

    Becka | This Is My World