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Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Beauty Post | L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polishes Les Blancs Collection

pastels have to be my favourite shades to wear on the nails, so the recent release of the 'Les Blancs' collection from L'Oreal was right up my street. i obviously already have pastels in my collection, but nothing quite like the gorgeous shades from this collection, and as the Les Blancs name would suggest, these are very like white polishes with just a hint of the colour thrown in, and L'Oreal describe them as macaroon shades, so i'm guessing the name and colour inspiration comes from the yummy treats themselves! 
i picked up 852 Pistachio Dragee, a gorgeous pale, minty green and 851 Nouvelle Vague which is the perfect pastel purple shade, and my nails have barely been without one of these colours since i picked them up. as you can see, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, and the consistency is really nice and thick and is opaque in just two coats (or one if you apply it super thick). they apply like a dream with equally as dreamy colours, but i do have a couple of woes with these polishes...
firstly, they chip like a you-know-what, which is majorly disappointing, and will do so from the smallest things. i applied this one night before bed, and by the time i'd woken up and got ready for the day 50% of my nails were chipped. i have since invested in a decent top coat (Revlon's No Chip top coat, but that's a whole other review) which is helping, but the constant chipping has meant i've been getting through these little bottles at a speedy rate, which leads me onto my second woe - the bottles are teeny tiny for the price. these are £4.99 each for just 5ml, so compared to Models Own where you can get almost three times as much polish for the same price, you get the jist. 
but even taking all of this into consideration, i know i'll end up adding the other two shades to my collection - a lemony shade called Lemon Meringue and a pinky peach called Peach Negligee - in the near future, i just wish the bottles were a bit bigger, or the price a little lower, but what's a girl to do when she wants pretty pastel nails?!

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