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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Maxi Skirt - Styling Options.

From my previous post, you will see that I purchased this beauty today in Primark for £14
It's obviously a bit too long for me, because I'm so abnormally short, but it'll only take a few minutes to run it through the sewing machine. It originally came with a tan belt, which isn't shown in this picture, but goes really nice with the skirt. I wasn't really intending to keep it when I bought it, I was on my own again with no second opinion, and ended up buying to see what you guys thought, but after trying it on again when I got home, I know I'll end up keeping it. I couldn't decide if I thought it looked too flared, but this means it won't be too clingy in the warm weather. So I thought I'd show a couple of styling options that I've put together which make the skirt wearable all year round. 

This look is very much influenced from this weeks gorgeous weather! I've just teamed it up with a navy vest-top, which couldn't get much simpler, but I'm now on the look out for a navy bandeau top to team it up with aswell! Not only is this just as simple (and cheap!) but it can make it look like a maxi dress too!
I've also swapped the belt that came with it for these two that I bought a while back (again from Primark)
They were both literally made for this skirt, and I think they were just £1 each when I bought them! I'm wearing the navy one here as it goes over one of the cream stripes, but the cream will go just as well! 

This look is much more Autumny, which I love as it means I can wear the skirt all year round, unlike a lot of maxi dresses! The top is from Topshop a few years back, and I very rarely wear it, but this is the perfect excuse to work it back into my wardrobe again. I'd possibly wear a vest underneath as it's cropped, and quite thin, but this will be nice in the cooler weather. I've again teamed it with the navy belt from above. I love this look more than I thought I would, but the fact that the colours are quite muted means the whole look isn't just restricted to the warmer summer months. 

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