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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Product Review - Bourjois Paris Dissolvant Miraculeux

So I've seen a fair few reviews on this on various blogs now, and have bee desperate to give it a try, so when I spotted it in Superdrug this morning I couldn't resist. Basically, it's just a sponge in the tub, which is soaked in the dissolvant, with a small hole in the middle to pop your finger in to remove the nail polish. It's acetone free, which is brilliant news for my nails anyway and has 'nourishing sweet almond oil' and 'red fruit and vanilla fragrances' which is a huge plus as I was hoping it would eradicate the horrible smell of normal remover. I'll be honest, if you have a sniff inside the pot, it is quite potent and smells similar to a normal remover, but once it's taken off your polish it leaves a really nice scent on my fingertips, which definitely replicated the smell that is stated on the tub. My nails also feel really smooth and nourished aswell! It's just £4.99 a tub, which I think is really cheap as a decent remover can be almost this much, and for such a gorgeous smell aswell! It's also included in Superdrug's 3for2 cosmetics offer that they have on at the moment, so I could get a couple of other bits aswell for hardly anything. 
As I use so many different shades of varnish, from pastels to deeper shades, I thought I'd try this product out on 5 different styles that I often use.

From L-R; NYC New York Color in 105 - Lights-Camera-Glitter over Barry M in 306 - Blueberry Ice Cream. I use glitter a lot more lately, and it's always a pain to get off, especially with cotton wool, so I thought I'd give Bourjois a real challenge. Next is Barry M in 304 - Mint Green. I tried out this one as it takes three coats to get the matt look that I like, so the dissolvant had to battle through three layers. Then Barry M in 273 - Raspberry, because red is such a stubborn colour to remove. Then we have 2true Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish in Shade 10 as it's such a deep navy shade, which can again take some time to remove. And finally, Barry M in 142 - Silver Glitter over Barry M 47 Black as It's a finer glitter and again a pain in the bum to remove. All of these are shown below, but in the reverse order to what I've just stated. 
Basically, it's meant to remove the paint in 1 second, by popping your finger in, then simply twisting and removing. Unfortunately, my picture of the results from this won't load, but basically, it had little effects on the glitters, but it did take off the majority of the mint green and the raspberry, but wasn't quite as effective on the navy. 
Due to this, I repeated the process, but twisted my fingertips a couple more times, and these are the final results: 
As you can see, it has got rid of 99% of all the nail paint! I will say that it doesn't quite get off the paint that is stubborn around your cuticles, but I'm still really impressed with the result, I just used a cotton bud to get rid of the excess. This process is so much quicker, less messy and much nicer smelling than the conventional cotton wool method, and the fact that it's worked on some of my most stubborn colours without me having to scrub at them is a complete bonus! 
I genuinely reccomend this to anyone who is forever repainting their nails - a definite 10/10! 

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