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Thursday, 24 May 2012

More New Purchases (Kill me, I'm a fashion student)

After getting sent home from work after only an hour and twenty minutes today, I decided to hit H&M to make the trek to town in the heat worthwhile. I go through phases with H&M, sometimes I absolutely love it, and other times I think it can be the worst store on the high street. But I have eyed up these tops the last few times I've walked past, and at just £7.99 each, I couldn't resist.
I initially just tried on the pink and the green. I'm not normally one for wearing bright, bold colours, but these shades are just irresistable, so there was no excuse for my wardrobe to stay as dull as it is. They both look great with jeans, but I also want to wear them with maxi skirts. I have one from River Island with floral detailing around the hem, so either of these will pick out hints of colour from that design. The black I had to get as a staple item! I was intending to take back either the green or the pink (I bought both because I was by myself and had no second opinion!) but after getting home and trying them on again, I know I'll end up keeping both! They're a silky kind of material, which I'm always wary of catching, but these are really smooth and almost crepe-like, so I should be okay! They have adjustable straps aswell, so I might get some patterned bandeaus in similar colours to wear underneath as another way of wearing them. 
I'll do another post when I get round to styling them with something a little more exciting than jeans, but for now... have some boring jeans shots (and excuse my face!)

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