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Sunday, 28 October 2012

biggest apology ever!!!

so i know no-one probably cares (or even noticed) that i haven't really been blogging at all for the last month or so in the midst of moving back to uni and getting back into a routine, but today I promise that I'll start posting again, especially as i've accumulated so many bits and pieces to review. 
alsooooo.... MY FOLLOWERS GADGET HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO WORK! i had so many messages/comments from people saying that they couldn't work out how to follow me because my GFC refused to work, but it's finally sorted itself out. if you want to follow the blog, the GFC gadget is over there on the right somewhere >>>>.
i have thursday off of uni for the next couple of weeks at least so i'll be putting a few hours aside each week to prepare some posts. i've got tonnes to review including...
- MAC lipstick
- Kate Moss Matte lipstick
- Models Own Nail Polish
- MUA Nail Constellations
- MUA Pro Brow Kit
and honestly so many other bits that i've forgotten what half of them are off the top of my head! i'll also start putting together some OOTD's... so yes. this is my promise to be a better blogger again! 

here's a few instagram's of what i've got up to over the last few weeks since my 20th birthday (which i mentioned in my last couple of posts). one of my best friends from home popped up to uni for a fleeting visit the week after my birthday and it was so good to see her! i've been set so many projects at uni in just three weeks that this has literally been taking up all my time, but i went to a student lock-in event with my housemates one evening, made a cheeky appearance as a skype caller on the xtra factor last weekend (in which olly and caroline saw me eating turkey dinosaurs in rehearsal), booked in to have my first tattoo this Thursday and bagged myself a wristband to go and meet Olly Murs tomorrow! 

animal themed dinner... // late birthday present from Rosie ( // my writing just gets worse as the lecture goes on...

Barry M Gelly Paint and MUA Nail Constellation NOTD // Finally got these from MUA // Miss Selfridge sale bargain.

Making cakes at uni // off to the student lock-in event // stickers from work hurt :(

Lock-in purchases // and againnn.. // finally have a road outside the house!

cutest present from LB // NOTD // sketchbook times

even more sketchbooking and the tattoo i'm getting!

happy perfume purchases // new favourite drink // xtra factor skype callers with Rosie!

being a fatty // colouring... // all the goodies from Mumma Wood to take back to uni. 

meeting olly murs tomorrow! // first models own purchase // this years christmas list!


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