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Monday, 29 October 2012

so i just met olly murs....

just got home from the olly murs book signing in bluewater and i'm still on an absolute high! if anyone has ever had the chance to meet him, you'll know how much i mean it when i say he is genuinely one of the kindest, down to earth people i have ever met. he was in no rush to get through all the people and had a nice little chat and gave everyone a kiss aswell. i gave him a little note (which is stapled to a bag of maoms just so he doesn't throw them away!) with Rosie's ( twitter name on to see if he'll give her a cheeky follow as she let me gatecrash the xtra factor skype call last week and we had a nice little chat about the skype call in general. he said i should have told him i was on it... not sure how he expected me to tell him... but anyway he said thanks for skyping blah blah blah and we had a couple of pictures. there is one just below this of him kissing me on the cheek which we had to pose for for ages while the woman worked out we wanted a picture like that... so there are murs germs on my cheek. 

so here are some of the pictures... 
p.s. i don't think i'll shutup about this for a long time.....

i love that he dots his i's with hearts!!!
queuing times with mumma wood....

still queuing....

possible my favourite picture?! i think it's hilarious.

numero uno

and againnnn


instagrammed kissessss

more kissessss.

i love kissesssss

outfit wise, my jumper is H&M and the disco pants are from the kids section in H&M. Necklace was Miss Selfridge sale stock... and I think that's all you can see! 

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  1. OMG I am so jealous of you! I'm going to one of his concerts in March next year! I am so excited, although I have a sneaking suspicion that my mum might be the bigger fan! Hahaha :D
    Also I love how you Instagrammed all the kisses... Don't worry, I totally would!

    On a side note, is his book any good? Lots of photos of him!? ;)

    ~Hannah xx

    1. Ohh where are you off to? I'm seeing him at the O2 and cannot wait! I think my Mum mmight like him a bit too much aswell ;)
      I couldn't resist, i loved it so much - and i've not actually read any of it yet, but about half the book is purely photos!