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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Benefit ChaCha Tint

swatched and blended.

this was a freebie with one of the magazines a month or so ago (i bought so many, that I honestly can't remember what it was, but i'll hazard a guess that it was Cosmopolitan?) and i pretty much picked it up as i already have mini's of most of the other Benefit tints. ideally i was after the sun beam freebie, but i left it late to snap this up so couldn't find it anywhere and settled for this one. 
i haven't really used this all that much... it's a hell of a lot more orange than i thought it would be. i've used it twice on my cheeks, but i don't think this colour will be going anywhere near my lips anytime soon. the first time i used it i applied a strip to each cheek and then blended with my fingertips, but by the time i'd got to blending, it has left a horrible orange stain where i'd swatched it, and i'm hoping you can see this in one of the pictures above. i've since learned to just dab a little to my fingertip and blend into my cheeks this way so avoid the stanining.
i think i need to try working with this a little more to find out how it best works for me as i wouldn't say i've got on with it all that well so far. 

did anyone else pick up this freebie or have any tips for application?

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