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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish - Pearly Queen

first coat

second coat

third coat


this is the second polish from my little 3 for 2 haul from Superdrug and retails at £3.99. i don't really have the time/patience/talent to do intricate nail art, so new and innovative nail polishes always catch my eye as it's the best i can do! Miss Sporty also do a range with this 'metal flip' idea, but thought i'd spend a couple of pounds more while i was getting one free. i'm not sure what made me choose this shade out of the 4 in the collection, i think maybe because it was the most subtle for something new. 
personally, i don't think the effect is all that obvious or evident - it looks more like a shimmery iridescent polish, but i guess in the pictures you can see a slight change of colours in the different lights. maybe the effect is clearer in the darker shades within the collection, but i think the retail price is pretty good for what it claims to do - even though i don't particularly agree that it's 'metal flip', i really like the shimmer of the polish.
the brush is a little short and stumpy, but it easily covers the nail.

has anyone tried any of the other shades and had better luck?

just  quick little apology too - it's been deadline week for me at uni so i've barely had time to post. i'm home for Christmas early this week and proper, better blogging will resume!

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