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Sunday, 30 December 2012

sale spends

hello everyone!
now i don't know about you, but i couldn't wait to get sale shopping this year, and if any of you read my last post then you'll know i even did a cheeky bit of online shopping on none other than Christmas day! but the vouchers and money in my purse were burning a hole so yesterday just called for an impromptu visit to Westfield! cue a picture heavy post and a very battered bank account, but a very happy Sophie!

first up, primark! i had a £20 voucher to spend, but if i'm honest, i don't really like Westfield's Primark and i actually found it pretty hard to spend which is very unusual for me. in the end i settled on this leather look backpack as i've been after a backpack for a while now to go with my coat which has leather look sleeves so this was perfect for just £9. i also snapped up the little travel card holder for just a pound as i've got myself an internship up in London this summer so need something to keep my Oyster card safe - and who doesn't love a Cath Kidston inspired floral print!? the studded shoes i wasn't so sure on and was torn between these and some wellies which were very Melissa by Vivienne Westwood-esque with little studs round the ankle, but they just weren't as comfy. plus, i don't really have an shoes appropriate for winter other than converse and boots so these will make a nice change, plus they were just £10.

i also had an arcadia giftcard so was completely undecided where to spend it until i walked into Miss Selfridge and they had this dress which i must have been lusting over for at least a month now? the last one was my size aswell and there had also been another £4 knocked off the sale price since i'd last looked at it so of course it was fate! once i'd knocked off my student discount i had to pay just £6.20 on top of the giftcard for a dress that should have been £49. now i just need the occasion to wear it - i'm in love with the detailing on the back, too.

Forever 21 is probably my favourite shop at Westfield, so I will always pop in if i'm nearby. I only snapped up a few bits yesterday from the jewellery and accessories floor. admittedly, i don't normally spend more than a couple of pounds on a make-up bag, but this one was too pretty to leave behind. i think it cost about £6.60 once student discount was applied and i will easily fill this to the brim once my MUA and e.l.f. orders arrive! anyone who knows me will know i'm a sucker for rings, but i have such skinny, bony fingers that ring shopping on the high street can be a nightmare sometimes, but forever 21 have saved the day by sizing their rings properly. i actally snapped up 4 packs, 2 full price and 2 in the sale, and it's so nice to have rings that actually fit properly! the two sale packs (which i think were the silver) were just £1.99 each, and the two gold packs were both less than £3.50 each.

this is possibly my favourite purchase of the day and officially my new favourite bra! i had a credit note for M&S from some returned gifts so treated myself to this beauty. i had to pay a little towards it but how could i not?!

the next few purchases are from a few days ago, but i'll tag them onto the end of this post anyway...

the cardigan was reduced to £9 in the kids section in New Look, and i have an obsession with slouchy knits right now so i couldn't leave it behind. the knickers were just £2 each in the topshop sale, and in superdrug i bought MUA's starry night palette for NYW smokey eyes, and some lipcote aswell as i've been wanting to try that out for a while!
i've also had my pressies from my boyfriend since then and i am in love with them all so i thought i'd share those aswell! the jumper and top are both from ASOS which I'd asked for and I was super impressed with his boy initiative with the perfume - James wasn't quite so impressed with me buying myself some in the sale before he gave me this, but now i have a lifetimes supply! i'll definitely be treating myself to a lush bath aswell with the Molton Brown goodies!

got a little Marc Jacobs family going on here!

and that's me all spent out and officially poor! if any of you have posted about your sale spends, leave the links in the comments below, i love reading posts like these! 

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