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Monday, 24 December 2012

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

hello lovelies!
how is everyone? can't believe it's Christmas Eve already, it's definitely snuck up on us this year. i can try to deny this fact as much as i like but i am such a child when it comes to christmas and i know i won't be getting much sleep tonight - what is wrong with me!? i can't wait to start sale shopping either, i'll definitely be scouring the online sales on boxing day!

anyway, to get a little more into the festive spirit i jumped at the chance of some free Winter Wonderland tickets when I was offered some from the lovely people over at (disclaimer - i am not promoting the concept of gambling). I've really wanted to go down to Hyde Park for this for about 3 years now but never seemed to get round to it so I couldn't wait. I chose tickets for the Magical Ice Kingdom so on Saturday night I headed off to London with James...

after trekking all the way round Winter Wonderland to finally get to the Ice Kingdom, being able to jump the queue did cheer us up a little bit, but i definitely underestimated how cold it would be inside - on the plus side, outside felt really warm after! i think its crazy that all the sculptures inside are made of ice & snow, these pictures really don't do justice to how detailed some of the pieces are! and just a little tip... you will end up with a very cold and wet bum if you go down a slide made of ice. there's loads of opportunities for photos and bits and pieces, but people were queueing and we were a little bit impatient if i'm honest, the picture of the horse underneath had an ice carriage for pictures. 
i wouldn't call it much of a 'Kingdom' if i'm honest, we easily finished it in about 20 minutes and it's just in a big tent, and I doubt you could stretch it out for more than an hour as a whole family once you'd taken pictures and the what not. i would have been a little bit disappointed if i'd forked out for tickets (i think they're about £8 each), but as a freebie it was great to be able to go and have a look around. 

the rest of Winter Wonderland is amazing aswell and there is no way you could go and not come away feeling festive. We weren't there for long (our tickets were for 9pm and it closes at 10), so we didn't have a chance to look around the market but there were a few bits and pieces that caught my eye as we were wandering around - i officially want a christmas jumper! there's plenty of rides aswell, although the £6 each to get on put us off so we settled for some crepes instead. 
i wish we could have stayed a little longer or gone up earlier (god damn hangovers) as i could easily have spent hours looking at all the little stalls, but i don't think James would have appreciated that... should probably have prepared ourselves for the crazy prices to do all the additional bits and pieces aswell, but i for one will be going back next year and taking some more pennies with me and checking out the carousel bar - yes, a carousel bar, amazing!!!

has anyone else been up to winter wonderland? what did you think or get up to?

Merry Christmas! 

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