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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MUA Pro Brow Kit

(disclaimer - i drafted this post months ago and never got round to posting it, but i feel that in light of recent MUA publicity events on their Facebook page I would like to state that this will have no effect on this or any future reviews of MUA products on my blog)

sorry it looks so battered! it's taken me so long to getting round to reviewing it!

excuse my horrendous skin, but before and after

(please note, i wrote this post back in November, and it's just got lost between all my other posts, so i apologise for how late i'm posting this!) 

this is just one of the many beauty products that i've bought after the blogger world went crazy for it. i've never actually included my eye-brows in my make-up regime, but i thought i'd just give this a try when it was on offer for £3, so just £2.70 with student discount.
and wow... i am so glad i bought it! i never realised how thin and sparse my eyebrows were until i started filling them in with this, and i don't have a bad word to say about the kit. 
i apologise for how worn and battered this looks, but i bought it in my break from blogging so it's taken me quite a while to get round to reviewing it for the blog. 
i personally mix the 2 darker shades to match my hair colour, but i think it's great that one kit has the versatility to suit to many different people. the powder is pretty compact and doesn't fall everywhere during application, and the tiny little slanted applicator brush is so precise that it makes adding an extra step to my make-up regime effortless. i use the other end of the brush for the setting gel, and just swipe this over the whole of the brow. 
the staying power of the kit is so professional, it actually stays put all day which is more than can be said for the rest of my make-up which often needs reapplying - this is one of the only products that will still have traces left when i come to take off my make-up. 

obviously this is the first eyebrow product i've used so i can't compare it to anything else, but you can't go wrong for the price. i'm sure this is just as good as any higher end eyebrow product! 

has anyone else got this, and what do you think? or do you use a different product that you'd reccomend?

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