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Thursday, 21 March 2013

new favourite website?

hello lovelies! 
first off, i am very, very sorry that i've been a bit AWOL lately - if anyone has read my last couple of posts you may know i've missed two weeks of uni what with being poorly so the last couple of weeks have been a bit manic with sorting out deadline extensions and catching up and the what-not, but with the easter break for the next three weeks i promise that i will set a day aside and write up a whole load of posts so i don't get behind again! i also may or may not have ended up with enough new things to another mini haul, god help me! anyway, on with the post. 
todays is a little different - a new favourite website if you will! i was introduced to this via Zoella's youtube channel and i've instantly fallen in love - it's basically like a Pinterest but for all the things you're currently lusting over and wanting to buy online - a wishlist in all honesty. such a simple thing, but i've become addicted! i always find myself being asked what i want for my birthday this year because i'll be turning 21, even though it's not until october, and i never know what to say when people ask me, so i think this will be a great way to keep track of all the things that are catching my eye whilst i spend half my life online window shopping! 
in all honesty, it's a pretty simple concept. once you've added things to your wantworthy list, you can delete them if you change your mind, be linked back to the product to buy it and then tick it off once you've nabbed it for yourself after not being able to resist any longer! you just add a little link to your bookmarks bar (the site will explain this when you sign up) so you can add things to your wishlist from absolutely any website that you're on without having to switch between tabs/windows and the what not.

i shall stop rambling now and let you all go and check it out for yourselves - to see what i'm currently too poor to buy but wish was in my life then click here! if anyone else has a wishlist or makes one after reading this, then leave a link to yours in the comments - i love being nosy and seeing what other people have found!
also, if anyone is still fretting over the Google Reader hype, i'm now over on bloglovin. if you want to follow me on there, there's a link to the right of this post just under my GFC Followers widget! 

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