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Friday, 8 March 2013

They see me hauling, they hating...

that was an awful post title, i'm so sorry! 
over the last couple of weeks i seem to have built up a little stash of new purchases (most of which i think have been made to make me feel better whilst i've been poorly with food poisoning!), so i thought i'd share my little haul with you. i will so proper, full reviews on the bits and pieces in the near future once i've actually used the products more than once and know if they actually work! 


Lately, i've got really fed up with how flat my hair is looking so i'm on the prowl right now for anything to give me a little bit of volume. 
the first thing i picked up was VO5's Plump It Up Volumizing Spritz. i picked this up on a bit of a whim from superdrug on a flying visit without really reading the packaging, but basically you spray this into towel dried hair to add a little volume whilst blow drying. i've not seen much of an effect yet, but keep an eye out for a full review once it has been in my hair care regime for a little longer. £3.89 from Superdrug. 
because of my hair being flat, i tend to wear it in a natural wave to add more volume too, and i've been looking for a salt spray to add a more beachy feel, so i picked up Fudge Urban's Sea Salt Spray whilst it was on offer for half price. in all honesty, it was the smell that made me pick it up - it has a coconut/tropical scent to it which i LOVE. i use this daily now as it can be used on dry hair without my hair going crispy. this is usually £6.99, but is currently £3.47 in Superdrug.
another similar product is the new Tresemme Tousled Wave Spray. i think the name makes it come across that it'll give a really natural wave, which it does, but this is definitely better for use on damp hair as it left mine feeling a little crispy when i applied to dry hair. i picked up two bottles because this was on offer at £5.49 each or £6.99 for two. 
i'll eventually review all of these products in full. 


as i was queuing up in superdrug, i saw that they have a huge 3 for 2 deal on clear skin products at the moment, and i'm keen to find an affordable, drugstore skin product that works wonders on my skin so i thought i'd pick up a few bits. 
first up was the Simple Spotless Skin Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (£4.99). i haven't actually used this yet, but i do like a good face scrub as i feel like it does more at cleansing and revitalising my skin. 
i also picked up Garniers Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel (£4.99). i will admit that i never quite manage to get all my make-up off, and i really wanted to try some Bioderma for this little task but can't afford any, so i though i'd try this at getting rid of pesky bits of make-up that i normally can't budge. i have only used this once, so again i will review it once i've used it and seen an effect.
the last thing i grabbed was Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash (£4.89) and i think i picked this up due to all the hype that was around it when it was released, so i wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about, so i shall let you know if it lives up to my expectations! 


more pieces that i picked up because of the hype around them in the beauty blogosphere. both my current concealer and powder are on their way out, so i picked up these two to see if i get on with them as much as every other beauty blogger seems to.
i picked up the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, and i love that this comes in such a pale shade as my pasty skin is a nightmare to match up to. i have tried this out and i'm loving it so far!
i also bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 003 Peach Blossom after hearing Tanya Burr speak about this all the time, so i will again let you know how i get on with is once it makes its way into my make-up bag. 
i've also picked up two new MUA pieces, but completely forgot to photograph them as they're already in my make-up bag. i grabbed the Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer and (£5) and Highlighting Powder (£3) so i will review them soon too. i'm loving the highlighter so far, but not sure if the primer is too good yet! 


of course i had to buy some clothes too! 
i follow a lot of shabby chic/cath kidston-esque instagram accounts and over the weekend i found a lot of photos of this topshop top crop up and i instantly fell in love. it did break my little student bank balance a little bit at £22, but i am in love with it already and can't wait for the summer to get loads of wear out of this. i don't often buy from Topshop, but i don't mind spending a little more on something that i know i'll wear all the time. 
the jumper is from new look, and i picked this up on my first outing once i started feeling better to cheer myself up. i love knitwear, and i've loved the warmer weather we've started having recently, but all the jumpers i currently own are in all the winter colours, so i instantly picked up this gorgeous peppermint shade. it has a marl sort of effect in it too with almost turquoise flecks. i paid just £8.49 for this which is an absolute steal! it was on offer for just £9.99 from £14.99 when i popped into store and i then got student discount off of what should have been the full price - bargain! 

has anyone else had a sneaky little shopping haul lately? if you have, then leave your link below as i love reading posts like this. 


  1. Love the new look jumper! x

  2. Haha love the name of this post!
    I really want to try the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash so a review would be fabulous!
    Love your blog, have followed! Would you mind following me back?xx

    1. i can't promise a review anytime soon, but i will definitely post one once i've really used it enough to have an opinion. i'll head over to your blog now!

  3. Love the tops! So pretty!
    On a side note, how have I never found your blog before?! I love it! :)