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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Most Hyped Beauty Bloggersphere Product Ever?

ever since i started my blog, Bioderma is the one product which has always been talked about in the community as a 'cult' product - everyone and their Mother seemed to rant and rave about it, but because it wasn't available in the UK, i rarely gave it a second thought. 
that was, until, Bioderma announced that it would be available in the UK, so of course i ended up having a nosy on the website and somehow it ended up in my shopping basket.
i went for the Sensibio H2O Micelle solution (purely because this is what i'd seen the most reviews on) and thought i'd pick up the smallest 100ml bottle just to try it out before i dive in and snap up a big bottle.
and wow, am i tempted to go back and order the big one! this has made a considerable difference to my skin. before, i would constantly have at least one spiteful, stubborn, nasty spot on my face that i just couldn't budge, and i'd suffer from break-outs more often than not, and i was getting sick of it. since i've introduced Bioderma into my skincare routine, this has completely stopped. i still get the odd little spot, but break-outs are long gone (touch wood!), and i think it's down to how well this budges make-up. i used to just use a wipe, but this really gets rid of the last specks of make-up on your face whilst cleansing the skin at the same time - my skin is 100% make-up free after a quick swipe over my face. this is what i was hoping for from Bioderma, but the fact it's improved my skin in general is just a bonus. 
it's completely fragrance free and, essentially, just feels like water on the skin, but it's definitely a powerful little thing and does wonders to the skin!
i know a lot of other brands have now jumped on the Micellar water bandwagon (B, L'Oreal etc), so i think i'll try a couple of others out before i re-order bioderma, just because it's so much quicker to pick it up in a drugstore rather than wait for an online order, but i highly reccomend this to anyone thinking of trying it, and i know that after this a Micellar solution will now forever be a part of my daily skincare routine. 

i picked mine up from for £4.50/100ml

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  1. hey hun, just found your blog and i love it. i've followed you on blogger and bloglovin as well :) xx