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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Laptopless and a new kitten!

My poor little laptop has been sent in for repairs, so I'm without my own laptop until June 14th, meaning I don't think I'll get round to updating much - but I will try my best!
But now for the exciting stuff... we've got a new kitten! If anyone follows me on twitter, you will know this is all i've tweeted about in the last 24 hours, but for those who don't, I will now bombard you with the deets. Technically, he's my little brother's birthday present, but we can share, right? He's a little boy, who's 8 and a half weeks old, and my brothers named him Olly. I think myself and mumma have had too much influence on him now that he's named his kitten after Olly Murs. The first choice was Harry, which is again influence by Harry Styles, poor boy. But yes, here are lots of photos, he's such a playful little bundle, and we've completely spoilt him rotten today with loads of toys! 

This is how he fell asleep last night... 

And he likes the XBox...

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