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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

another haul? whoops....

so another slight haul may have happened for me recently. in my defence, this happened over a couple of shopping trips and a lot of it was Easter money, so i don't feel quite as bad, but i know a few of you like reading haul posts so i thought i'd do a quick update. 
i know this is the third haul i've posted recently and that i've promised lots of reviews, but i just haven't got round to it! my easter break has been manic with catching up with friends, working and finishing up some uni work so the blog has been put aside a little. i will say that the blog will probably be a little quiet for another month or so until i finish uni for the year at the beginning of May, but as soon as i don't have any work stressing me out, i will have a day of just pure product review writing so that I have some things to schedule for once i start interning - the list of things i have to review is getting pretty hefty! 
soooo, on with the haul... 


i had to do the dreaded new mascara hunt the other day when i couldn't find my usual favourite from Collection anywhere, and I ended up getting the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express. I was going to pick up the Falsies, but they didn't have the waterproof version in stock and i hate wearing mascara without a waterproof element to it, so i went for this instead. i also prefer plastic brushes on mascaras aswell, so this seemed good enough to me. i'm really liking it so far and it gives a natural looking, fuller lash. 
i didn't actually need foundation just yet, but i feel like mines going to be giving up on me soon, and when i saw the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation on offer for just £3.99, i thought i'd give it a go - if i don't like it, then i've barely lost out, but if it's anywhere near as good as the concealer then i've got myself a bargain. i've not tried this yet, but i shall let you know! 
next i picked up some of the Barry M Gelly Polishes in Greenberry, Lychee and Papaya. i've been eyeing up these three shades since the release, but thought they were a bit to spring/summery for the horrid winter weather so left them. but last week i stopped off in Westfield on the way to see one direction at the O2 and picked up greenberry seeing as the weather was so nice! i then ended up grabbing the other two on a different shopping trip and i'm so glad i did as i love them all! 
also on the way to one direction, we stopped off in MAC as i wanted to pick up a new lipstick with some of my Easter pennies, but i just couldn't decide on a shade - i don't really know which colour suits my skintone as i'm so pale and all the assistants were already busy so i left empty handed. there was a Benefit just around the corner which my friend suggested i popped in to and the sales assistant was more than happy to help me. now i've never really gone for pink lip products, purely because i never really wear anything that matches those shades, but this is what the assistant matched my skintone for, so i ended up with a Benefit Lipstick in My Treat. and the best bit? it was reduced to just £3 as it's soon to be discontinued! if you live near a benefit store or counter, i'd pop in while they still have stock - there were about 10 shades all reduced down! 


to cut a long story short, i almost got my tragus pierced on a shopping trip last week as it was being advertised at half price, but when i went in they said that had been taken off the half price list, so i didn't bother. instead i drowned my sorrows with ear cuffs from Claires. i was after some rose gold accessories for a night out to go with my new beloved ASOS watch, which is what made me pick up the first pack of three plain cuffs  for £4.50. i also loved the simple, dainty design of the middle one (£3) and i picked up the last heart shaped one (also £3) as they were on offer at 3 for 2, so i got all these for £7.50 - bargain! 

these bits were also picked up on my rose gold mission - the bracelet was (i think!) £3.50 and i love it! i have such tiny wrists that i had to take a couple of links out, but i can see this becoming a daily piece now. i think picked up this ring from New Look. i went for something a little chunkier to pull everything together and again i have little fingers, so when i find a ring that fits, i will more than likely buy it! New Look jewellery was also on buy one get one free, so i picked up the earrings too. now i'm not sure if i'll ever wear these, but they're a style i really like so picked them up whilst they turned out free! they have little snakeskin effect leather inserts which i think adds a nice edge! 

i'm super, super sorry! i forgot to take a decent picture of this before it ended up in the wash! i bought this for a night out over the weekend from ASOS for £18 (which you can find here). i wanted something that i could dress up for the occassion, but easily wear day to day afterwards. i did have to take it up quite a bit which gives you all an idea of just how short i am, but i love it! i wasn't keen on it at first, but i'm one of those people who can never tell if they like something on until i've done all my hair and make-up like i usuallly would. if you say you're not one of these people then you're a little bit of a fibber! 

anyway, that is all from meee. i have just noted that in my last post i said i'd take lots of pictures in London when i ventured out to see one direction, but we failed and i'm sorry! i am off to see them next weekend in Manchester with Rosie from A Rose Like This so i shall try again then and maybe see if she'll help me take some sneaky OOTD's whilst i'm spending the weekend with her. i will not make promises this time as i have a feeling our inner fangirls will break loose and probably stalk them.... 


  1. i like the ear cuffs, i've never heard of those! And I always feel bad when i go on a big shopping trip and come back with lots of things for myself. But hey, us bloggers have an excuse, right? ;) I'm a new follower of your blog, and you can check out and follow mine if you wish at


    1. you should give them a try - there's so many styles out there! i think i'm running out of times i can use being a blogger as an excuse now haha! xx

  2. Just stumbled across your blog lovely, it's fab! I'm so glad I discoverd it! Now added to my reading list! :) So jealous of all the thing's you bought in your haul! :) Keep up the great writing, I'll definitely be a regular visitor of your blog! :)


    1. Thankyou so much, i love getting comments like this, really makes me smile! I'll pop over to your blog now! xo

  3. Love lychee and all of the jewellery! Awesome blog :)