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Friday, 12 April 2013

Olivia is sending me Wilde!

a couple of days ago, some photos of Olivia Wilde (of American actress fame if you've never heard of her!) dropped into my inbox, and i instantly fell in love with the dress she was wearing. 
the dress Olivia is wearing is the Turtleneck Sweater Dress from Max Studio and i think this is the perfect AW to SS transition dress! personally, i think Olivia's gone a little overboard on the black front - where's her accessories?!
so with her lack of accessories and colour in mind, i thought i'd do a little post on how i'd style the dress myself with things that i actually already own (all of them shall be linked below)! 

lets start with the basics. turn the sleeves of the dress up a couple of times - i seem to do this with every long sleeved item of clothing i own, and i don't know why, but get those sleeves a-turning, especially now the weather is actually a little bit more Spring-like! if it's still a bit nippy outside or you simply aren't a bare legs fan, whack on some of Primark's Super Cosy Tights, i know all you UK girls own some of these! if you're a little more daring and fancy getting your pins out, then I'd recommend Dove's Summer Glow Gradual Tan. I've started using this recently for fair to normal skin and this is easily my favourite gradual tan! for feet, i'd team this dress with a recent purchase of mine - some Heeled Chelsea Boots from Barratts. These boots are great for the AW/SS transition and I'd pair them with some of Topshops Trim Socks whether you're going for tights or bare legs. Primark also do some great, cheaper alternatives and i featured a couple of pairs in a post here.

with accessories, of course i had to go straight for my ASOS Boyfriend Watch and I'd team it with the rose gold accessories i mentioned in my recent haul post here. i also have some rose gold studs which i would wear aswell - i'm not a fan of statement earrings! obviously if you have a similar watch but in silver or gold, then team the rest of your accessories with this - this is just my personal little collection! i bought this scarf a while back now on Ebay, and i just love the colours in it. always go for a scarf to add a little colour to a mostly black outfit. i chose this one because it's so easy to match make-up to - a simple deep red lip and nails with your normal make-up look and you're ready to go! 

lastly, finish it off with your trusty leather jacket! i have one from New Look which is no longer online, but i'm sure everyone has their staple jacket. pair this up with your favourite handbag or clutch and tah-dah, your look is complete! i know everyone has their individual favourites for these two pieces so i shall let you imagine what the finished outfit would look like once you'd added them! 

i hope you all liked this post - i know it's a little different to normal, but please let me know if you liked it and would like to maybe see some more things like this! how would you all style this  dress?


  1. The dress is gorgeous! So much love for Primark's supercosymagic tights, too <3
    Sounds like a lovely outfit, rose gold would be perfect with it :)

    Jesss xo

    1. i love plain dresses just for the fact they can be made so individual! xx