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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Whoops... // Collective Haul, Primark, Real Techniques, Accesorize, Internacionale and more...

hello guys! 
so i seem to have accumulated far too many things over the last few weeks, and i need to get this haul post off my chest and out of my system! these things have piled up over the last few weeks after some online orders, a trip to Manchester (which you can read about here) and a visit to town whilst my parents came to visit me at uni this afternoon! i know i've said this in my last two haul posts, but this honestly will be the last collective one i'll be doing for a while as i need to start saving now for when i'm interning!
also, sorry that the photo quality isn't all that great - i took these in the last little bit of daylight so that i could get a post up tonight and this was the best i could do! 
everything i could find online is also linked! 

you know you've done too much shopping when it pretty much covers a double bed... 

oo1. Hair Chain - £2.99 (£2.70 with NUS discount), Internacionale
hello, new favourite thing! i fell in love the instant i saw it - the little flowers caught my eye straight away. my hair has forever been tied up in a messy bun for the last couple of weeks and i thought this was something a little different to add to a normally boring hairstyle!
oo2. Earrings - £8 (£7.20 with NUS discount), Accessorize
i have a helix piercing so i'm always on the lookout for individual packs of earrings, but most of the ones i've bought so far have tarnished and just lost their colour, so i spent a little more than normal in the hope that Accesorize won't fail me! in all honesty, 18 earrings for the price i paid is an absolute steal, and there's even a couple of rose gold ones in there which i've been after for so long now!


oo1. Real Techniques Brushes - Core CollectionStippling Brush & Expert Face Brush - Amazon
i am in love with these already! when i bought these, they were on offer at £13.99 for the core collection, £7.99 for the stippling brush and £9.99 for the expert face brush, so instead of paying the RRP of £42, i paid £30.37 once my student discount had been applied. unfortunately they have gone back to their regular prices now, but keep an eye out for any more flash offers! i will get round to reviewing these in the future, but in the meantime i can definitely reccomend that you snap some up! 
oo2. Rimmel Stay Matter Powder in 003 Peach Glow - £3.99 (£3.60 with NUS discount), Superdrug
this was just a replacement as i'm starting to hit pan on my current one! 
oo3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair - £4.19 (£3.78 with NUS discount), Superdrug
again, just another replacement product! 
oo4. Bodycare 4-in-1 Deep Cleansing Face Wipes - 89p, Bodycare
i'm running low, so just grabbed these to last me until i can get some proper ones. i have also got myself some Bioderma which i completely forgot to photograph for this post, so this is currently doing the job of removing my make-up! 
oo5. Carmex Vanilla Lipbalm - £1.99, Bodycare
i love carmex, and i love vanilla. simple. 
oo6. Pure Coconut Leave-In Conditioner
another re-purchase - everything seems to be running out at the same time! 
oo7. MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist - £5 (£4.50 with NUS discount), Superdrug/MUA Store
 last repurchase... 


oo1. Beach Postcard Bag - £2, Primark
i picked this up for the holiday which we still haven't booked, but thought it would be fab for keeping all my essentials in for pool/beach days! 
oo2. Ema Slouch Shopper - £25 (£15 on 40% off offer),
so this only came this morning, but i'm in love with it already - this picture doesn't do it justice at all, so go look on the boohoo website! i've been after a new black bag for ages that was big enough and strong enough to throw all my bits in for uni and this fits the bill, especially when you get £10 off of it! it's back to full price now, but it's definitely worth the money. 


oo1. Floral Strappy Vest - £4, Primark
i got this on my little spree in Manchester and this is part of mission 'add colour to wardrobe for summer'. it's just a simple piece to throw on with jeans and dress up or down! 
oo2. Floral Pyjama Shorts - £4, Primark
i picked these up today, just because i've looked at them everytime i've been into store for as long as i can remember and i couldn't put it off anymore! 
oo3. Cropped Tee - £3.50, Primark
another Manc purchase - i was after an oversized cropped tee for a while, and saw this in Primark and just sized up to a 12 for the oversized look. i always roll long sleeves up, so long sleeves isn't a problem for me - problem solved! 
oo4. High-Waisted Bikini - Top £8 & Bottoms £5, Primark
Look magazine tweeted this a couple of weeks back and i instantly knew i needed it for the summer! our little Leicester Primark was no use, so i went on the hunt in Manchester and left a very happy girl. i'm a nightmare to buy bikinis for... my top and bottom do not match at all so i love Primark for letting you mix & match sizes. i also love that the top is like a proper bra - i was not made for triangle string bikinis! 
oo5. Mint Dip Hem Tee - £6, Primark
give me an oversized tee, and i'm your girl! i just love anything big and comfy, especially at the moment whilst i've been doing long days at uni and been out the house for up to twelve hours! 
oo6. Strapless Dress - £13, Primark
i don't know if i'm going to keep this yet, but Rosie convinced me to pick it up in Manc. it's such a gorgeous dress, but i just don't know when i'll get to wear it - if someone wants to have a barbecue when the suns out, let me know so i can get this beauty out! 
oo7. Skater Dresses - £12.99 each (£8.44 with 35% off promotion), FD Avenue
no-one should let me loose with a discount code, because i will end ordering both the colours i'm torn between! these are gorgeous dresses for summer, but have been fab paired with tights this week whilst it's been a bit chilly again and not quite time for bare legs. i will say that they are quite see-through, so i've had to find some matching underwear! 

so there we go... far too much money spent yet again! 
i will get back to reviewing things soon once i've completed all my hand-ins for my second year of uni - can't believe it's almost over, ahhhhh! 

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