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Sunday, 21 April 2013

#OOTD and a weekend in Manchester!

hola chicas! 
sorry i've been a bit AWOL on the blog for the last week or so, the next few weeks are uni deadline weeks so i'm trying to squeeze in posts where i can! i thought i'd give you a little update today on what i got up to over the weekend. anyone who has been reading my blog for a while now will know that i may have ended up getting myself tickets to four one direction gigs this tour, and yesterday bought the last gig of the whole UK tour *cue sobs* so I bumbled on up to Manchester to stay with Rosie from for the weekend and have a fun time of one direction antics! (before any of you think i'm going off galavanting with people i met on the internet, we were uni course/housemates, not strangers!)

one thing i'm determined to do on the blog is get up more OOTD posts, but i totally suck at taking pictures myself whilst i'm at uni! now me and Rosie fully intended to take some photos in Manchester which we completely failed at, and she was going to take some for me before I left this morning but we ran out of time before my train so i had to take these when i got home, which is why the quality isn't all that great, so i apologise! 
and so this is what i wore for my day in Manchester for the gig and a little bit of shopping afterwards... (i'm still proud of myself for making it through two hours of dancing to one direction and walking round Manc in these shoes!)

Dress - ASOS Petite
Scarf - Ebay
Boots - Barratts
Socks - Topshop
Coat - Primark
Bag - Ebay
Watch - ASOS
Bracelet - Claire's Accessories

no matter how many times i promise myself i will take pictures whilst i'm on my travels, i never seem to keep said promise, so here is the tiny selection of photos i managed to instagram (@sophielouisew_ if you wish to follow me) from the weekend.
all packed and ready to go! // fell in love with the ticket ladys stamp! // hello, AMAZING seats for the show *dead inside* // looking dishevelled after a long day with a slightly bigger than anticipated primark bag! // bumped into 3/5 of the boys in primark... // all sad on the train home :(

the next little selection of pictures will not be to everyone's taste, so i'm sorry, but if you're following my blog then you'll soon get used to my fangirl tendencies - if my boyfriend can do it, then so can you! plus, i'm sure you all fancy at least one of them deep down inside even if you hate their music! 

so there we have it, my latest little adventure which took me further North than I've ever been before! I'm sure Rosie will have a little nose at this, so I'd like to say another big thankyou to her and her family for having me for the weekend and for their lovely hospitality!
i shall be back on the blog towards the end of the week with the Primark haul, plus some other naughty bits I've accumulated recently! 


  1. I love everything about this post.
    I love you.
    p.s you look really great in the pictures :) You should definitely do more OOTD's!!
    Ellie xx

    1. next tour. we will be there, promise!
      thankyou, i love you too! xxx

  2. I've literally just gone and bought that dress after seeing your post. Oh god Sophie, why! It's so pretty, you're a terrible influence haha. Niall looks amazing, AS PER xxx

    1. I didn't like it when it first arrived, but now I'm in love with it! We need a big catch-up at work at the weekend, it's my last two shifts! xxx