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Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Life of Being a Beauty PR Intern - Week Two.

welcome to week two of being an intern!

Start of week two, and a new intern, who is lovely! She also has a blog and blogs over at Another Mens Collection order came in, and the day was just filled with what I now call normal tasks - send outs and whatever needs doing! The afternoon dragged a little and there didn't seem to be much i could do to help anyone, so I left a little early.

This was exactly the same as Monday. Literally exactly the same. After having all the blogger send-outs last week, it seems really quiet! 

The girls in the office found out about my blog this day, and myself and Lucy ended up with a huge bag of goodies to try and test out and share with all you guys on our blogs! There's so much to get through (which you can see here) and i'm so excited to start using them all. the afternoon was just full of send-outs and a couple more mens collection orders!

Thursday morning was super, super quiet! Most people were out prepping for a Bumble and Bumble and Smashbox event that we were holding that evening, so there wasn't much to do. unfortunately i didn't get to go along, but it sounds like the evening was a success! in the afternoon i was asked to put my photoshop and illustrator skills to the test and come up with some images for one of the perfumes by our client Cath Collins, so i spent the afternoon scouring the interwebs for some pictures to use! i was also asked to help edit some blog posts we're submitting to the Huffington Post, so i'll be looking forward to seeing them published! i think a little discussion on harry styles made its way into the day too, and we found ourselves asking how old is too old for harry styles?

Turns out Cath liked my illustrations and Sarah in the office is incorporating one into some promotional pieces for the fragrance! The morning was fairly quiet with everyone in the office having a meeting and waiting for a stationary order to arrive to do a send-out, so me and Lucy found ourselves browsing the Harrods sale and talking all things beauty & skincare and having a good old natter before popping out to grab lunch. The afternoon meant going through the blogs and social media of everyone who attended the Bumble & Smashbox event and check for coverage. A couple of deliveries turned up for us to put away and a few send-outs too, with the last Mens Collections orders! 

and that was my second week of interning, and it's flown by! i can't believe that at the end of this week i'll be halfway through, i already know i won't want to leave, although the early mornings will not be missed!
if you're a new follower and missed my first installment of 'Life of a Beauty PR Intern' then you can find it here
i've also tried to take daily OOTDs, but i'm in such a rush in the morning (plus, noone else is awake to take them for me) and look so dishevelled by the time that i get home that it's pretty impossible, but i do have one which i'll post a little later in the week! 


  1. Sounds like you have had SUCH a good time! Extremely jealous, I'm going to try my luck at interning here too!


    1. i'm having a fab time. my advice would to be get in early - i asked about an internship back in January! Xx

  2. I love reading your weekly installments :) I start work experience for a week at my local newspaper tomorrow so I'm going to do a daily Monday-Friday post!X

    1. good luck, i'll be sure to check them out! Xx

  3. Reading this just makes me jealous. Trying to find myself an internship still! x

    1. don't give up! i literally e-mailed every PR company I could find! and keep pestering, it shows you're interested! Xx

  4. Interesting post! :)

    Kelly xo

  5. Giving all of these posts another read, Im interviewing for a Fashion PR internship next week!