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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Life of Being a Beauty PR Intern - Week One.

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as some of you may know, i'm currently on a six week internship with Chalk PR and I thought i'd blog a weekly installment of what i'm getting up to, how i'm finding it and any other exciting news!

Chalk look after a number of hair and skincare brands including Bumble and bumble, He-Shi, Jurlique and Radical.
 I got the internship just by e-mailing every single fashion and beauty PR company I could find on Google and expressing an interest in a summer position. Kayleigh from Chalk got back to me and I went for my interview many moons ago in January and everything was sorted on the day. They were super generous and happy to be flexible with my university dates and how long I wanted to intern with them for. we settled on six weeks as that was as far as my pennies could stretch to cover me and i started last Monday! a lot of internships are unpaid, which this one technically is, but they cover my travel expenses up to £50 a week and pay £5 lunch expenses per day. 
i live in the good old Essex countryside so getting into London everyday takes time... I have a half an hour drive to Epping where I park at my neighbours parents (for free, thank God for them!) and then have a ten minute walk to the station. Then I have a tube journey of about an hour and a quarter.. it's a bit of a killer! i was feeling wide awake on my first day, but tiredness kicked in by Wednesday and the mornings are now a bit of a struggle (I have to get up at 7, sob!)
The offices are in Clapham and I work with some lovely girls - 4 full timers, 1 part timer and another intern. it's nice to work in a small little company.

anyway, i've ended up getting a little rambly explaining what i'm doing, but each week i'll just write what I've got up to everyday! 

So this was my first day, so I wasn't expecting to do much. I got in super early to be on the safe side. In the morning I read through the Intern Guide and made a note of all the things I knew I'd need to remember! After that I went through all the weekends newspapers to see if there was any coverage of any of our clients and flagged it all up. The rest of the day was mainly spent shadowing the previous intern and mounting some of the coverage. Turns out Millie Mcintosh goes to the gym next to work too!

This was pretty much the same as Monday. I was taught how to do send-outs and after I'd learnt the basics was left to do them myself. I saw Millie on the way into work, and she still looked stunning on the way to a workout! I got asked to do a send-out to the One Direction boys; now any of you who have read my blog for a while will know how much i love this band, so i was fangirling (on the inside, of course) like a trooper and trying my hardest not to offer to hand deliver it to them on the shoot they were doing. this is the most exciting thing i've done so far! we were also all treated to burgers for lunch by the boss for one of the girls birthdays!

The week before I started, Chalk held a huge Blogger event so I had a lot of sendouts and post to do for that with all the product requests that had been placed. it was so crazy sending out bits to bloggers i've followed for ages and who i really look upto and aspire to be like in the Blogger world. The previous intern left this day aswell and it was celebrated with cake (one of the yummiest i've ever had!). Once I'd finished the sendouts, I was asked to help with one of the monthly reports and was given the responsibilty to adding where all the coverage for one of our Clients had come from for the last month. 

Thursday was just full of send-outs, doing little tasks for everyone, finishing off the Blogger sendouts and actually flew by really quickly! 

Friday was again full of send-outs and everything I've already mentioned. The first Mens Collection order came in aswell, so I packaged that up and sent it over to the stylist before being let to go home a little early!

And that was Week One of Interning! I was thinking that maybe I should have taken an OOTD everyday and added what I've been wearing to this post, so if anyone would be interested in something like this then let me know and i shall try my best to remember everyday!


  1. :o this sounds like an amazing experience, I'd love to do something like this. I'm really interested to hear about the rest of your time xx

    1. i'm really enjoying it so far, i'll try my best to update every week, so keep an eye out! Xx

  2. This sounds so exciting! I would love to get an internship like this. And I would definitely like to see your OOTDs :)

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  4. do you have to be a university student to apply for an internship or could somebody do it straight from college? :) sounds like so much fun xxx