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Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Perfect Tanning Combo

so it would seem i've finally found an instant tan that works for me, everyone sit down and brace yourselves!
because i'm uber pale, i've always completely avoided instant tan because, if i'm honest, the thought of it genuinely scares me a bit and i think it's going to look unnatural, so i've always stuck to a gradual tan.

but then i was introduced to this little wonder - He-Shi's Quick + Easy Face + Body Tanning Gel(*). 
i'm told this is the lightest in the He-Shi range, which is why i went for it, and i dubiously applied it the other night with it's 'see where it goes' formula (which basically means it tans on contact) and hoped for the best when i woke up the next morning (i haven't been brave enough to apply it to my face yet!). i made the mistake of applying over a few days of gradual tan (yes, i was too hasty to try it out) so i scrubbed it all off with their Exfoliating Body Wash(*) and tried again and boy, was i impressed! 
after applying with the He-Shi Tanning Mitt(*) i woke up with a streak-free, natural looking tan which i was proud to show off! there was very little colour change overnight aswell, so no nasty surprises to wake up to. smell-wise, i don't think it has the typical fake-tan biscuity smell that we all love and loathe at the same time. i wouldn't say it's 100% odourless, but it's nothing strong and off putting. the Exfoliating Body Wash has a gorgeous, girly scent of strawberries with tiny little exfoliating beads that buffed my skin into a tip-top and super smooth tanning base! 

alongside all this, He-Shi claim the following about the tan:-
Prevents premature ageing through the use of effective moisturizing ingredients- Is Ecocert approved with 100% Natural DHA- Is odourless + streak free- Is suitable for face and body- Is Paraben Free + Alcohol Free- Is pH balanced for sensitive skin- Is long lasting with its moisture lock technology infused within the range
i've now used this for 3 days in a row to build up some colour and i'm still super impressed with how natural it looks - it feels so nice to be able to get my legs out in the warm weather without having to worry about their paleness! the tan is also said to last ten days on the skin, so i'm looking forward to seeing how it lasts. it also dries pretty much instantaneously so there's no waiting around for it to dry. plus there's no colour transfer onto clothes - I use a white towel and there's no sign of tan on there! 
i will advise that you heavily moisturise dry areas as the tan takes to these areas more i.e. knees, hands, feet, elbows. i've been using Boots Coconut Oil and that's working fine for me. also, don't put a bra on after application - i found that the tan gathered around the strap area and the outer bralines and these areas of my skin looked much darker. 

i highly, highly recommend this tan for anyone looking for an instant tanning fix!
to see the full range of He-Shi products head over to!

He-Shi Face + Body Tanning Gel - £17.50
He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash - £11.00
He-Shi Tanning Mitt - £4.50

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  1. Great review! Finding a natural looking self tan is so hard to find.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  2. This looks great!! You should include some before & after pics!! I'm definitely going to check this out. Great review! xo