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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Dream Curl Products - Bumble and bumble. Bb. Curl Concious

trying to find a product that gives your curls a natural look boost can be a toughie - they either leave your hair feeling crispy or are too heavy on the hair and leave you with flat roots. 
but listen up girls, i think i've found the solution to our problems - Bumble and bumble's Bb. Curl Concious Defining Creme(*) and Reactivating Mist(*).
these are just two products from the Curl Concious range (see the whole range here), but before delving in completely, i picked the two products that i thought would work best for me. i naturally have pretty curly hair if left to its own devices, but it has the tendency to be a bit unruly and go all over the place, so I chose the Defining Creme to, obviously, add more definition to the curls and try to tame and coax them into some sort of tamed mane. and it does exactly what i hoped! i apply a peanut sized amount to damp hair and then blow dry as normal, then by the time i've woken up, my blow-dried waves have transformed into natural, light curls. the creme isn't at all heavy on the hair so i don't have to use any alternative products to give my roots an extra boost. 
the Reactivating Mist has now replaced any form of salt spray/curl spray in my routine and this is something which i can see myself repurchasing over and over again. this is perfect for bringing slept-in curls back to life and giving them that second day reboost that they need. i just spray into dry hair in the mornings and give it a little scrunch and i'm good to go again! no crunchy hair, no heavy, lagging curls - this is literally a light, water-esque spray to give your hair an extra lease of life.

i will definitely be heading to Boots to stock up on these, aswell as the Shampoo & Conditioner as i think this could be my new saviour hair care range, but i need to get through the huge stockpile of shampoos and conditioner i have first (did anyone else suddenly get inundated with this and toiletries when they started uni? just me, then...)

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Bb. Curl Concious Defining Creme - £23.50 and Bb. Curl Concious Reactivating Mist - £19.50 available from and Boots


  1. I do really want to try these products, I've heard so many good things about them xx

    1. i absolutely recommend them, even if they are a little on the pricey side! xx