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Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Life Of Being A Beauty PR Intern - Week Five

i can't believe i only have one week left, it's absolutely flown by and i don't want to leave in the slightest. next week i'll do a little general post on the internship and tips for anyone else whose interested in something like this!

We still had last Fridays' delivery to finish putting away, so that was top of the list, and then there was the usual weekend press to go through which always takes us through to at least lunchtime. then in the afternoon i had a good rearrange and tidy of the stock room and then the rest of the day was filled with send-outs. 

This week was when all the final monthly evaluations had to be in for our clients, so the last few bits of coverage from the month needed to be evaluated so everything was up to date! Then there were some send-outs to do and we got onto updating the contact details for the whole of our Blogger database, and also checking that all of our online press contacts were correct and up to data. A huge delivery turned up right at the end of the day, which leads us on to Wednesday...

The first three and a half hours of the day were spent putting away the delivery - it took so much longer than i ever thought and the stock room ended up jam packed. i was the only intern in this morning which is why it took to long, but it was so satisfying once it was done! Then in the afternoon, i carried on with the database update. 

Finally finished on the database! All the monthly magazines seemed to come through in the post today, and the whole of the afternoon was spent going through them and scanning in all the credits and client coverage. it may sound boring to some of you, but you have to remember that this is a huge, huge help to all the girls in the office and has an impact on what they do - every little thing you do within Chalk is helping someone. 

Send-outs in the morning, and then i was set the task of writing up a press release for one of the salons who stock one of our clients, and that will take me through to Monday morning. It was the other intern, Luce's (Bonjour Luce), last day so we had a little lunch as a send-off, and it was lovely to sit down with the girls in the office and have a good chat. Unfortunately I've been a bit poorly this week and finally gave into the offers of going home a little early, but i'm now raring to go back tomorrow for my last week! 

Still only made it to four OOTD's... i've gone one week to make it a complete set! 

Outfit One 
Vest - Forever 21
Trousers -

Outfit Two 
Tee - Made for a uni project.
Disco Pants - ASOS 

Outfit Three 
Top - ASOS 
Trousers - River Island Kids 

Outfit Four 
Top - Primark 
Jeans - ASOS 

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  1. Love all your outfits, your internship sounds fun!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

  2. It's so interesting to read your posts on your internship!:)

  3. Ooo love both the printed trousers, the first pair are gorgeous!

    Kylie //

    1. summer trousers make life a lot easier! xx

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