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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Edit | Lip Collection

as a little bit of a filler whilst i'm on my holi-bobs, i thought i'd share my lip product collection with you all. i don't want anyone to take this as a form of bragging/showing off, i just really enjoy these sorts of posts, so thought i'd throw my own into the mix. my collection is stashed in this gorgeous mini Cath Collins bag that my housemate got me for Christmas, but it's slowly but surely starting to overspill... i've tried to split them into colour groups as best as i can and i in no way whatsoever use all of these! i'm a hoarder of lip products and just can't seem to bring myself to throw things away even when they're completely not the colour for me. i'm shocked that the majority of my collection is made up of pinks when i very rarely wear that colour at all. i'll try and give a quick little review along the way whether positive or negative! if you make it all the way to the end of this picture heavy post, well done, i'll see you on the other side...

Benefit Hoola Lipgloss | i won this about a year ago now, and this is probably the only gloss i regularly wear for a quick slick of colour. 
E.L.F Lipstick in Nostalgic | i'll be honest, this has only ever been swatched, it's too nude for me!
Famous by Sue Moxley Lip Addict in Raw | again, only ever swatched. this is very chalky on the lips and washes me out! 
MAC Cremesheen in Peach Blossom | this is easily the most used (and loved!) lipstick i own as it was my first (and only) MAC purchase. i also love the smell just as much as the colour, anyone else with me?

Primark Chubby Stix Dupe | this was a bargain buy for £1 and is a great dupe for any other chubby stick-esque products out there. super glossy, but still very pigmented!
L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash in 200 Princess | this is a really gorgeous gloss that i would say just verges on the lipstick/gloss mix. another really pigmented product for a gloss.
Louise Gray for Topshop in Mexican Wave | these photos do no justice for how bright this is - almost neon! i was bought it as a present and was really dubious to wear it, but i've been complimented every time i've worn it, so its stayed!
Revlon Lip Butter in 027 Juicy Papaya | this has been my go-to lip product this summer for when i've wanted a hint of colour, but nothing too heavy. i will definitely be picking up more lip butters from Revlon in the future. my only criticism is that i wish you got more for your money!

Revlon 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Nothing but Nude | hold your ears girls, this product is awful. they dried out so quickly, aren't pigmented and the balm breaks off. disappointed just about covers it. 
Barry M Lipgloss in 11 | this was one of the very first things i reviewed on the blog, so will hold on to it until its deathbed! really soft and slicks on like a dream! 
Collection Lock n Hold Gloss in Break Dance | a little more sticky, but also more pigmented version of the Barry M gloss. 
Collection Cream Puff in Fair Cake | these are one of the first lipsticks in a gloss form that i picked up. a really matte gloss that smells gorgeous!
MUA Lipstick in Nectar | i picked this up on a whim, but it isn't quite colourful enough for my liking. 
Famous by Sue Moxley Lip Addict in Pillow Talk | another one that's only been swatched as it's not very moisturising on the lips. 

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Perpetual Plum | just as rubbish as the previous one...
NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain in Champagne Stain | this didn't dry out quite so much as the Rimmel version, but still not great!
Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial | this shade is really not for me and i wish i'd picked up something like Big Bang instead, but i do really like the consistency of the Apocalips. i just wish they had a little more staying power. 
W7 Mega Matte Lips (unknown shade) | this is really old and at the bottom of my bag, but is another matte gloss, like the Collection Cream Puffs. 
Benefit Lipstick in My Treat | i was colour matched to this in Benefit, and even though i wasn't sure on it I bought it anyway as it was on offer for just £3 as it was being discontinued. it's a bit too glossy in consistency for me as a lipstick, but i'm determined to try and get on with it a little more. 
Barry M Lip Paint in 153 | this is one of the first lipsticks i remember buying and i wore it loads at the time i bought it. Barry M Lip Paints make up the biggest part of my collection. 

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in Endless Blossom | do i need to say anything more?
Models Own Lipgloss in Madame Rose | this was a freebie from somewhere, and it's never been used! 
Barry M Lipgloss in 12 | i reviewed this with the other Barry M gloss, so it has a special little place in my collection.
Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in Charisma | i was given this at work, and it remind me of a slightly lighter version of the Apocalips above. i would definitely consider picking this up in a colour which suits me more! 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Colour in 101 | again, really not the colour for me, so not sure what possessed me to pick it up! 
Essence Lipstick in 01 Frosted | i was given this when me and Courtney won tickets to go and see Justin Bieber and it's actually a really nice sheer shimmer for a no make-up look day!

Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour in Hibiscus | this is a gorgeous deep pinky red, and is great for when you want a slightly girlier red. 
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want | i cannot rave about this lipstick enough. yes, i'm a one direction fan, and yes i bought into this weird little make-up range they bought out. but the two lipsticks i own from this collection are the best lipsticks i own. i wore this to work the other day and applied it at 7am, and it was still on my lips when i got home at 7.30pm, no word of a lie, with absolutely none of the colour having gone after eating three meals and my lips still feeling moisturised. for just £3 i cannot recommend you pick one of these up enough. 
Barry M Lip Paint in 151 | this is a beautiful orange toned matte red, and is more or less identical to the one direction lipstick, just minus the shimmer. still has pretty good staying power too! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 161 | this is a slightly lighter version of 151 but with a hint of shimmer and a little lighter on the lips. 

MUA Lip Boom in Bring It | this is the perfect red for going from summer through to autumn as it's slightly deeper than your typical bright red. this is n;t particularly moisturising, but a quick layer of carmex underneath does the trick.
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in Be Mine | i love this just as much as the one i mentioned above and will definitely be my go to winter shade for a burst of colour. this still has a very slight shimmer, too! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 160 | i wore this colour so much last winter, and can't wait for its time to come around again! this is another one that's a little drying, but like i said, carmex is the trick. 
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Good To Be Bad | i was given this at work a couple of weeks and this looks terrifying in the tube and i never thought it would work for me. but when it's on, it'a gorgeous deep plum colour which will be perfect for the winter and christmas time. plus it's MAC, so i'm determined to work with it! 

and there we go, if you made it to the end then thankyou so much, you were definitely in it for the long haul! next time i post, i shall be back from barcelona and will indefinitely have a new haul post for you! 


  1. You have an AMAZING lip collection! I love lip products and I thought I had loads haha. How do you manage to use them all??

  2. I love your collection, you've got such a variety! I've got the Collection CreamPuff too, one of my favourite lip products! I love the shade and the finish and it' super cheap as well! :) xx