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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Update | A Little Sort of Break

morning everyone!

just a quick little update and explanation today. it's going to be really quiet on the blog over the next 2-3 weeks because right now blogging can't be my priority. where i've interned and worked for almost all of my summer break, i've now ended up with about a week and a half to do all my prep and summer work for the final year of my degree so that's at the top of my list of things to do right now for this week. i'm away on holiday next week and then that leaves me a week to pack up everything and move back to Leicester, so i hope you can understand that i need a bit of a break from this at the minute to sort my life back out, haha! 
once i'm back at uni things will swing back into action (mainly because it will help me to kill the time and distract me from being there!), i just need to be doing other things at the minute so can't concentrate on writing my blog. i need to get together some more post ideas, so i promise that as soon as October comes around and my 21st has passed and i'm all settled back in Leicester, things will be back to normal. 

i'm not saying there won't be posts popping up - i have a 21st wishlist to go up at the end of this week and have a couple of guest posts lined up for whilst i'm on holiday (if you'd be interested in this, then please let me know, i'm still after a couple more!), and in the meantime if you haven't seen it yet, i took the plunge and filmed my Barcelona haul which i'll pop down below!

i hope you can all understand where i'm coming from, but for us little old bloggers, sometimes life does come first and our blogs can't be our main priority! 

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