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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Guest Post | Some Autumn Essentials

autumn has well and truly kicked in now, and today Charlotte from CLX is sharing her Autumn essentials!

as you all know, the autumn/winter weather is fast approaching. so, i thought i'd base my guest post around some essentials for the upcoming colder months!

River Island Scarf | H&M Mittens | Dr Martens | Topshop Jacket | Carmex Lip Balm | The Body Shop Moisturiser
so in no way am i saying you should go and spend copious amounts on all of these, they're ideas to help you all. 

it's stating the obvious to say you need a warm coat, gloves and a scarf but, i thought i'd throw it in anyway. this Topshop jacket may be £325 (and absolutely beautiful) but, you definitely don't need to spend that amount to get something that does the job. H&M, River Island and Zara, all have a really great range of winter jackets, so there's plenty for you all to choose from!
Dr Martens have always been a winter essential (and favourite) of mine. when everyone else is falling on their bottom, i'm stood firm in my Dr Martens, not slipping anywhere. they're so good in this weather, especially with their trusty chunky airwair sole! they're really warm, and look great with some thick socks! i know the price tag can be a little on the steep side but they really are amazing...

autumn/winter can be harsh on our skin, especially the face. both The Body Shop Moisturiser and Carmex, are perfect for rehydrating your skin (and lips) after the harsh winds and cold weather have appeared! i've always loved Body Shop products, despite the price tag. they're definitely worth the money. have any of you used this moisturiser? 

although i haven't featured shampoos or conditioners within this post, i really think a good set of hair products is essential in the colder weather. dry hair is always one of the first things i notice but using a good shampoo & conditioner combo can really help avoid those dreaded split ends! hair masks are always a great way of keeping your hair healthy too, they're so inexpensive and work a treat!

do you have any essentials for the cooler weather? feel free to leave a comment below!

Charlotte xo

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