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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Update Post | Gran Canaria

hello! i'm finally back after a beautiful week away in Gran Canaria with the boy. i thought i'd pop a few pictures up so you can see why i've been a bit absent the last couple of weeks (the views were just too beautiful to tear myself away from to blog!). it was so nice to spend a whole week together and really wind down before the madness of moving my life to another city again. the hotel we stayed in was absolutely stunning and i can honestly say it was probably one of the best and happiest weeks i've ever had and could have stayed there so much longer than we did.
 i filled my absence with three guest posts which i hope you all enjoyed - they were all about the autumn/winter that has slowly but surely crept up on us, so make sure you head back and check them out. 
i'm going to be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks as it's pretty hectic for me - i move back to university next weekend, and it's then my 21st that week so i'll be busy celebrating with friends and family so i just wanted to take this opportunity to say that i won't be promising lots of regular posts, but will try my utmost best to try and post at least once a week!
i hope you can all understand that right now the blog can't be my priority, but i really do appreciate you all sticking around!

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