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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

i'll admit it, i've never really been a big fan of eyeshadow or been all that great at applying, but it's something i could really do with to change my everyday make-up look into something a little more dressy for nights out etc, so i've started myself off with this MUA 12 shade palette. i went for something that's got a natural hue running throughout as i'm definitely not brave enough to try anything too daring just yet. asyou can see from the swatches, there's some shades that are barely there, and some that gradually get more and more pigmented as you go throughout the palette (they're swatched L-R top row, then L-R bottom row). i love that they're more or less varying shades of the same colour as it makes it so much easier to build a natural looking colour on the eye with the lighter shades to highlight the inside of the eye and deeper shades to add a dramatic edge. there's some matte shades and other more shimmery/glittery shades too to mix it up a bit. i haven't actually used this yet, but when i get a spare afternoon i'll be sitting down and having a little play with it and working out which colours and combinations work best for me. these are so affordable, you'd be silly to not try one out.

the MUA eyeshadow palettes are available from the MUA website and most Superdrug stores for £4 and there's currently 9 different palettes for you to get your beauty hands on! 

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