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Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Love Drugstore Makeup TAG

 hello, my lovelies! 
something a little different for you today, but it's something i've wanted to do for a while. i read/watch a lot of tags on blogs and youtube channels, but i've never actually done one myself even though i find them really interesting to read. today i'll be doing the 'I love drugstore makeup' tag, and for people outside of the UK this is stores like Boots, Superdrug etc... which i'm sure you all well acquainted with if you read British blogs. 
on no accounts do i see myself as a beauty 'expert' or 'guru', make up is just something i love and enjoy reading & writing about and this is just to share my thought on some products with you.

soooo.... let's go!

 1. What is your favourite drugstore brand overall?
in all honesty, this totally depends on which product i'm looking for - i have favourite brands for different things, so i'll do a top 3. Maybelline for their foundation, Rimmel for their lip products (i NEED to get my hands on an Apocalips, damn my poorness) and Barry M for nails.
2. What are your favourite face, lip and cheek products?
Face - Maybelline's 'Fit Me' foundation. it has taken me forever and a day to finally find a foundation which matches my skin tone and hallelujah for this range.
Lip - Either the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks, or MUA's Lip Booms. they're both great if you're looking for strong, pigmented, long-lasting colour. 
Cheek - Collection 2000's Powder Blushes. they have such a subtle shimmer to them and are really naturally pigmented shades. 

3. What is your least favourite high street product?
i really didn't like MUA's original face primer. i think they have since bought out a new one, but the original in a black tube i would steer well clear of - the consistency is far too wet and thin for a primer and the little stopper in the bottle doesn't stay put and you end up with product everywhere.
4. What is your favourite make-up bargain?
i will stop talking about MUA soon, i promise, but their pro-brow palette has been a life saver. i bought this when it released a few months ago, and before this i had never filled in my eyebrows or really paid much attention to them if i'm honest, but since i started using this i have realised that they definitely needed some attention. it's just £3.50 and has three shades to suit all hair colours and a fixing gel. if you're looking for a new eyebrow product, i highly reccomend this, and even if you're not then you need one of these in your life! 
5. What is your favourite underdog product (something you love, but often gets overlooked)?
Collection 2000's Skyscraper Mascara. this is my staple mascara, and i literally will not use anything else. it's just £4.99 and aswell as being waterproof, it really accentuates my lashes. i have naturally quite short lashes, so this mascara is perfect for anyone else in the same situation. 
6. What product do you find overpriced?
Apart from the one mentioned above, drugstore mascaras in general are far too overpriced for what they are. nowadays you could spend just £5 more and be able to get yourself a higher end mascara, so why bother with the drugstore? i also think that foundation prices are slowly creeping up and i have paid around £12 for a bottle in the past. it's understandably why girls are now paying a little more and ending up with higher end pieces in their make-up bags.

7. Your best bargain dupe?
lipstick dupes are everywhere if you have a proper look - i don't have any in particular, but i'll often pick up a drugstore lipstick and find a really similar colour whilst i'm lusting over on the MAC website. the MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette is one of the best dupes for Urban Decay's Naked palette too and costs just £4! 
8. What drugstore beauty product do you think isn't worth the hype?
all the recent lip butter hype has gone straight over my head, whether it be from revlon, maybelline, anyone. whenever i've swatched in store, there's just never been enough colour and substance to the product, it's always just been a bit of a sheen. i know these aren't meant to be pigmented like lipsticks, but i'm just not impressed. 

i tag anyone who reads this to also take part, and if you do just comment below with the link to your post - i love reading everyone elses opinions on the UK high street brands.

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