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Sunday, 3 February 2013

MUA Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist

i don't know about anyone else, but i got hugeeeely excited when MUA announced this product and seeing as i ordered just days after its release, i had no reviews to go by to see what anybody else thought of it. well i love it! i was going to order the e.l.f version of this as it's a little cheaper, but after reading some reviews on it i kept seeing lots of comments about the smell being pretty unpleasant so i didn't fancy popping that on my chops so i took the plunge with the MUA one. i did think the bottle was a little small when i opened the package, but this is my own fault for not looking at the bottle size when i ordered - i guess i was just expecting a round 100ml average sized bottle. basically you just give the bottle a shake, hold at arms length and spray over the face and i find that two sprays will cover my whole face. one thing i did find was that it can make my eye makeup run a little so i've started to apply this after my face products and before my eye makeup and i've been getting on with it a lot better. 
smell-wise, it doesn't really have much of a scent, it's just fairly fresh and if anything i'd say it has a sort of general beauty salon smell to it? maybe that's just the beauty salon i go to, but yeah. it can feel a little wet on initial application but it soon dries.
in terms of lasting power, i got to put this to the ultimate test this week when it snowed and i had to walk home from uni in one of the heaviest snowstorms i've had the misfortune to be in. Bar my eye makeup, everything was more or less intact - my makeup looked so much better than it would have done if i'd not used this. my face had taken an absolute battering and was soaking wet but there was still make-up on my face a few hours later, so i'm pretty impressed. 

you can get this from the MUA website or Superdrug for £5. 

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