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Sunday, 3 February 2013

55 Facts About Me

so i've jumped on the bandwagon today and joined in with the 'Facts About Me' tag. I really didn't think I'd get up to 50 facts, but I got a bit carried away. If anyone else has done this tag then please pop it in a comment below - i love reading things like this out of interest/nosiness.

1. My favourite scents are raspberry, coconut & vanilla
2. My worst fear is fire. The thought of it terrifies me.
3. I think I'm a very paranoid person, in a negative way and it's something I hate about myself.
4. I don't want a job that is anything to do with the title of the degree I'm studying for. 
5. It bugs me when people say I'm doing a 'Mickey Mouse'/easy degree - it's far from it and it's actually a lot of hard work.
6. I'm obsessed with kittens. Honestly, it's not healthy.
7. I love One Direction. I don't care. I just don't. Especially Harry. I'm also seeing them 4 times this year. 
8. I wish I read more books, but I just don't think I'd have the time - once I start reading a book, I find it hard to put down.
9. London is my favourite place and the only place I would consider moving to outside of my hometown.
10. I don't have a favourite movie, and a lot of people think this is really weird. 
11. I love a good floral print, but who doesn't?
12. My dream holiday would be to New York, and I'm determined to visit there one day.
13. I very rarely have my hair cut, there's just something I don't like about it - I'll get it done twice a year at a push.
14. I will religiously only wear knickers from Topshop. I don't know why, it's just something I do!
15. The thing I hate worrying about the most is money - I hate feeling like I don't have enough or borrowing/owing money to people.
16. I love eating out, especially Italian and I wish I could afford to do it more.
17. My Mum is my best friend.
18. I could count the number of people I would class as proper friends on both hands.
19. I wish I had more friends at uni, I'd say I have 3 at a push - I'm not someone who believes people when they say the friends you make at uni will be your friends for life, it's just not true.
20. I hate lorries overtaking other lorries on the motorway. No, just don't do it. 
21. I also hate drivers who don't say thankyou when you give way to them or those who don't give way to you at all. 
22. One day, I would like to be able to say that I own a Michael Kors watch, Tiffany ring and designer handbag. All paid for by myself.
23. I want to have a child by the time I'm 25/26. I like the thought of being a slightly younger Mum so that I have more opportunities with my children and to spend longer with them.
24. I wish I had a sister - I'm not close with my brother at all.
25. I wish I could see my grandparents more than I get to.
26. I wish I was closer with my cousins, especially as three of them are girls around my own age - I have seven cousins all together but I haven't spoken to four of them in 10 years. I'm also the only girl out of my cousins to not be pregnant/engaged/had a baby.
27. I'm the first person in my family to go to university, and it's made me determined to save as much money as possible for my children if they want to go as it's more expensive that I ever imagined. 
28. I have two tattoos, and I really want another one - I just can't decide what/where! 
29. Crisps are my weakness, I could eat them all day.
30. I love surprises.
31. It took me three attempts to pass my driving test, and every time I failed, it was for the stupidest things!
32. I wore red lipstick for the very first time ever just last week! 
33. Never, ever give my straight vodka, vodka mixed with coke, vodka mixed with juice. Just don't do it. 
34. Once upon a time, myself and Pia followed Joe Jonas' car (by foot!!!) a fair way across London and we still made it to his hotel the same time as him. He looked very surprised/impressed that we'd made it there, especially after he got out the car down a side road and saw us. We were very thankful for red lights and people moving out the way to let the crazy fangirls run through the crowds. 
35. Meeting One Direction with Pia is probably one of my favourite days. This was just after the X Factor and they were barely famous and Pia won tickets to go and see them at the launch of some Pokemon game they were promoting. After free champagne when we arrived, they did a signing and Pia was talking to Harry about him having just had laryngitis. Now I thought she asked him if he'd like some Soothers, but she in fact asked if he'd been eating lots of soup. I know none of you will find this funny, but it amused us for ages and I then proceeded to get caught staring at Louis. Twice. Whoops. 
36. Until about 4 years ago, I'd never met anyone famous. I've now met One Direction, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Olly Murs & Fearne Cotton.
37. I think it's safe to say that I am a shopaholic.. 
38. I am horrendously pale, and no matter how hard  I try, I can't find a (affordable) foundation to match my skintone.
39. I miss my boyfriend more when I've just seen him, than when I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. 
40. I work at Build A Bear. And no, it isn't as fun as you all think it will be. And yes, even I get sick of hearing One Direction get played at least once an hour. 
41. I eat far too much junk food, and I am determined to eat more healthy this year. i also cant eat anything sweet without counteracting it with something savoury and vice versa - its a vicious circle.  
42. The first thing I ever won in a competition was an S Club 7 towel. I haven't won much since. 
43. Apart from a very select few people, I much prefer my own company. I get irritated very easily.
44. The day this blog reaches 100 followers will be a very proud day and I will finally feel like it's all been worthwhile.
45. I have never broken a bone in my 20 years of life. *touches wood*
46. I hate spending money on petrol. And anything that's a necessity really. 
47. I can't wait to have a niece/nephew. But I will be waiting a long time. 
48. I haven't been to a nightclub since moving to uni a year and a half ago. I just don't enjoy going out and drinking unless it's with my friends from home.
49. When I'm eating sweets, I have to eat them in a certain colour order - green, yellow, orange, red, black. Except jelly tots, just swap the green and the yellow.
50. Everything I own, has its own little place and it MUST stay there.
51. I would love to go to a spa for a full body massage, I can't think of anything more relaxing.
52. My immune system is naturally rubbish because I have a lower white blood cell count than most people.
53. Someone who I'm really close to has recently done something that I shall never forgive them for.
54. My two earliest memories are both from my playgroup when I was about three - making jam sandwiches and a lamb coming in for the day.
55. I always leave a little bit of my sandwiches/rolls/burgers, anything. I don't know why, I just do it.

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