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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brit Awards 2013 - Best Dressed

Morning lovelies!
Now i don't know about any of you, but i ended up watching 4 hours of Brits coverage last night, and you will all know by now that i love me a good red carpet event, so i've picked out my top outfits of the night for you all. surprisingly, the boys stole the limelight last night, but then i can't resist a man in a suit!
i've scoured high and low for what everyone's wearing, but it seems noone has got that far yet, so i assume everyone is still very much hungover from all their after-partying! if i find anymore, i'll update this post.

Perrie & Leigh-Ann (Little Mix)
i'm not usually a fan of Little Mix's styling, hence why only half of them have made it into this post. i'm a sucker for anything floral, and i love how Perrie's headband has made such a simple outfit complete (i'm assuming it's a Crown & Glory one?) and if you can match your hair to your dress, why not?! i think Leigh-Ann actually looks really sophisticated, which isn't something we usually see from these girls, it's just a shame about the bow in her hair! fashion bravery points to her too for such a plunging neckline!

Ashley Roberts
this is my perfect dress for a night out and something i'd love to personally have in my wardrobe. it's design is so versatile for accessorising, and like Ashley, i would have gone down the gold/black route too - this is such a staple fashion look that anyone can pull off!

Playsuit - Valentino, Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Alexa Chung
how has she made a playsuit into a whole outfit? no accesories, no bag, no nothing. just how!?

Dress - Elie Saab
Taylor Swift
this is very similar to the Ashley Roberts look, and i really like the subtle sheer panelling on the skirt. i much prefer red carpet looks that have simple dresses with accent accessories, and Taylor has really pulled this off.

Mix of Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Topman & ASOS
One Direction
I couldn't not put them in here, i'm sorry - i spent my evening fangirling over them (and the Brits basically made up an award just for them?!?!) i'm a huge fan of Caroline Watson, who is the boys stylist, and she always manages to co-ordinate the five of them whilst keeping them individual looking at the same time. Bravo, Caroline! 

Olly Murs
i'm as much of a fangirl for Olly as i am One Direction, so you're just going to have to deal with this. i especially like that he's gone for a contrasting waistcoat with his suit - the flash of burgundy brightens up an otherwise plain suit. 

Robbie Williams
hello, purple suit! anyone who steps away from the traditional suit colours is a winner in my eyes!

Louis Smith
the shoes, the shoes! again, a step away from the traditional suit look, all smartened up with a bow tie (take note, Zayn Malik, with some ribbon tied round your neck).

so there we go! did any of you also lose a whole evening fangirling/clothes lusting/wishing you were famous and/or talented? i love the Brits and have religiously watched them since i was little, and i've decided i'm going to get myself a ticket next year, goodbye £70!

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  1. Love this post! I thought Taylor and Ashley looked amazing, loved their outfits! Xx