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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Review | Elemis Tan Accelerator

one of my woes in life is my pasty skin. i'm sure i could sit in the sun every day for a year and still not be tanned, so i thought i'd give this Elemis Tan Accelerator(*) a bit of a whirl. the general idea behind this is to boost the natural tanning agents in the skin before you hit the sun so that your skin is in tip top prepped condition to get a tan. it's not a fake tanning product, simply a moisturiser which naturally boosts the amino acid 'melanin'.
this is said to be perfect for sun-sensitive skin which is prone to burning *raises hand* so i am super excited to see if this works for me and helps me get more of a tan than usual. i set off for my first holiday in less than two weeks now so i've started applying this every evening to prep my skin. it does say it acts as a low level sunscreen, but because i burn within minutes, i'll still be using normal tanning lotion.
i'll do an update post to this in one of my holiday posts to let you know how i got on with and whether i noticed any difference!

Elemis Tan Accelerator(*) | £21 for 125ml | buy here


  1. This sounds interesting.... I've been using the Lancaster Tan Maximiser after sun, but have never tried anything pre-sunshine. Looking forward to hearing how you get on!


  2. cant believe ive only just found your blog! xx