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Friday, 9 August 2013

The Review | Bumble and bumble Thickening Range

my collection of hair products is dominated by two particular products - salt sprays and supposed volumising products. i say supposed, because i've never found anything that actually works for me. my hair is fairly thick at the ends, and where it's so long nowadays, it just drags my roots down leaving them looking flat and just not all that great. after falling in love with the majority of products i'd tried from a particular brand these little beauties in the form of Bumble and bumble's Thickening Range(*), left me with high expectations.
my usual woe with thickening/volumising products is that they always seem to be visible in the hair and leave it looking a little greasy, even after washing, so the fact that this Mousse(*) and Creme Contour(*) don't do that had my hopes high. i've been using the mousse in towel dried hair and working about a golf ball sized amount through my roots before blow drying it in. when my hair is sort of half dry, i apply not even a pea sized amount of the creme contour again to my roots and give them a bit of 'juj-ing' before finishing my blowdry. the creme contour is quite thick and can be very heavy on my hair when i use to much, so i tend to start off with a tiny bit and build up as necessary. it's also great for a midday lift when roughly applied to the roots. 
these two products give me just the little bit of lift i was looking for - my roots end up being a bit thicker than they did before and preventing the dreaded flat look that i'm used to. they don't leave my hair feeling dirty, and when blow-dried in, my hair is still as silky soft as it would be without the products in my hair. with a thickening hairspray launching at the beginning of next month, i'll definitely be stretching my pennies out to get some, especially if it's as fab as the rest of the range! 

which products do you girls use to give your hair that extra boost?


  1. Great post I just received a free sample from ELLE and love it works wonders for volume <3 I need to try the thickening creme as I noticed many reviews in magazines for it so worth a try xx

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my post to find out more, xoxo