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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Review | Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser

if there's one thing i can never get enough of, it's a cleanser, but this is the first foaming cleanser i've ever tried. Manuka Doctors Foaming Cleanser (*) is great for just getting rid of daily impurities and leaving your skin fresh and ready for the next day. as part of the ApiClear range, it is designed to eliminate blemishes by reducing toxin build-up, sebum production and dead skin cells, so aswell as giving your skin a daily cleanse, it's also taking on the job of tackling spots and blemishes - how can you go wrong?!
if any of you have ever come across the Manuka Doctor brand before, then you'll know that they are unique in that all of their products contain purified Bee Venom; i'll be honest, this made me a little wary at first - how can bee venom be good for me!? but it actually has some amazing benefits that help combat signs of ageing with its scar reducing effect and by boosting collagen production amongst a handful of other things. it also helps overcome acne symptoms with anti-inflammatory properties and helping with the healing process.
i've been using this for a couple of weeks now and (along with a mix of other products in my routine) have definitely noticed that my skin is looking more radiant and 'awake' so i can't wait to see the results after more use!
Millie Mackintosh is also an ambassador for the brand, so if it's good enough for Millie, it's good enough for me!

Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser(*) | £17.99 | Available from & Barratt and


  1. Great review, what's the best place to buy it from?

    1. The Manuka Doctor website,, Superdrug (currently just £11.32) and Holland & Barratt. xx

  2. This is my favourite cleanser Sophie!! I adore the entire Manuka Dr. Range, have you tried any of the ApiNourish range? It's awesome.

    Thanks for taking part in my giveaway!! Now following you on Bloglovin'

    Emily.x |

    1. I literally only discovered this brand a few weeks ago at a PR event, but I keep going back to their website over and over again and checking out their other products!
      Sophie xo